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Batman, Doctor Who, Underworld, Arrow, & Alicia Witt. These are a few of my favoite things
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One of the best yet over looked villains in DC. A mastermind who has to prove that he is smarter & better than everyone. We've only had one live action movie with the character. The best versions we have seen so far have been in animation & video games. We all have our favorites. So here's my Fave Five! The Riddler.

5. Cory Michael Smith (Gotham)

Even though he hasn't become The Riddler, he is one of the best things about this show. Whenever he's on TV, it becomes interesting.

4. Robert Englund (The Batman)

Freddy Krueger? Yes! His Riddler was scorn by a woman & sounded so sinister.

3. John Glover (Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Superman: The Animated Series)

John Glover & the Animated Series defined what the Riddler was to me. Wasn't in the series enough but always good when he was.

2. Wally Wingert (Batman: Arkham series)

Loveable but annoying. Always look forward to what he has up his selves.

1. Frank Gorshin (Batman 1960s TV series, Batman '66)

Just amazing & pure joy to what. So much energy. Grew up with him & you can't beat this classic.

So who's in your fave five?


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