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You might remember back in 2013, when an insane article about how all the movies in Pixar are interconnected in one giant, shared universe went viral. So viral did "The Pixar Theory" go that it eventually got its own Wikipedia entry, and suddenly, people everywhere were scrambling to find Easter eggs and the hidden meanings in their favorite fandoms.

I mean, this was basically all of us when we read it:

Cartoon by Nikki Menis
Cartoon by Nikki Menis

If you know that story, then you probably know the man behind that original article, Jon Negroni, and that he's been constantly working on refining the fan theory ever since. While he's put other theories about Pixar out there into the world, he's always had a special love for the one that started them all.

He's been working for the last year on a book that ties it all together, cleans up the loose ends, and - officially - signals that The Pixar Theory is complete. And I was humbled when he asked me last December if I would like to write the foreword to it. See, along with running his own site, Jon's is also a Moviepilot creator, and over the last two years we've become friends.

Of course, I said yes. I was thrilled.

Me, but with *slightly* more hair.
Me, but with *slightly* more hair.

And I'm equally thrilled to announce that, FINALLY, The Pixar Theory book will be released Thursday, June 4th through SlimBooks Publishing. That's just two days from now, or perhaps even tomorrow, depending upon when you read this. Because why not release a book about the Pixar theory that captured the imagination of the entire internet on the same day Pixar's latest movie, Inside Out, hits theaters? That's just serendipity, if you ask me.

If you're like most people I've talked to about this, then right now you're yelling, "Shut up and take my money already!" And while I'd gladly take your money, you should probably spend it on the book, which you can buy right here.

Are you excited? Because I am!

If you want to learn more about SlimBooks, you can visit their website, or head straight to Jon Negroni's personal site to read more of his work.


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