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Writer-Director George Miller has revisited and reinvented his Mad Max franchise for the new generation quite flamboyantly. In full disclosure, I had no idea that Mad Max was a pre existing franchise until after I saw the first trailer for the film. Although, When I saw Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, I became slightly interested. I believed that these two oozed amazing chemistry. Like the previous installments, there was a nuclear war that led us to this post-apocalyptic world. Food and water are noticeably scarce. From beginning to end, it is non-stop over the top action. It fairly reminded me of the old video game ‘Twisted Metal” which we all know is all about absolute mayhem. So many explosions, so many collisions, so much anarchy!!!! This film roars with an absolute vengeance!!!!!!

Every aspect of the film is beautiful. The score by Junkie XL was absolutely riveting. It had my heart racing when the action started up and it just felt so perfect. It really placed the film on a more grand scale. This really excites me because XL produced the score for the upcoming film Dawn of Justice, along with Hans Zimmer. So, I am definitley intrigued to see what those two were able to accomplish together. My favorite thing about the film was definitely the camera work. The way that George Miller and John Seale were able to make this world look so visually stunning yet still so destitute is by far some of the best camera work I have seen this year. The rotations and the tracking shots were just wonderful to see. This a film that is made for the big screen. It is absolutely visually stunning. The vehicles they created for this film look like something straight out of a comic book and when you see them you can’t help but to stare in awe. It makes this world of desperation something to be slightly desired. The acting definitely is a high point for me as well, because the ball could have easily been dropped if not handled properly. For instance, when Charlize Theron is on screen, she steals every second. She is almost unrecognizable as a tortured soul who has had enough of this so called society. Everything that she does seems so instinctual and sometimes, although justified, barbaric. She really becomes her character and allows herself to be taken into this world.

For those that may have grown a bit tired of the post- apocalyptic films that we have been bombarded with over the years, fear not, for Mad Max: Fury Road has successfully changed the game. In the beginning sequence of the film, we meet the eponymous character Max Rockatansky, played by the incomparable Tom Hardy. We quickly realize that he is already in a bit of a pickle. Just from the opening ten minutes, we learn that he’s a troubled soul and that he is doing the same thing that everyone else in this world has been forced to do: survive. His survival skills are instantly put to the test once he is captured by the War Boys, the army of Immortan Joe, the film’s main antagonist. The capture scene is so well choreographed and so amazing to watch. The world that Miller creates is so unique and beautiful: something that only his mind could conjure up. It’s an absolute barren wasteland full of vehicular warfare of the greatest caliber. The film is full of a mass population that looks savage; however, these are just everyday people that are trying to survive. At this time, all that people know is carnage, chaos and catastrophe. Naturally, we should all be able to relate to the survival aspect. There is no order. Only a seemingly tyrannical rule, led by one Immortan Joe. There are some who follow, hence his army of War Boys, and there are some that believe that he is the reason that the world is still the way it is, insert Imperator Furiosa.

Fury Road explains how Max, who seems to be a bit of a drifter, meets and works with Imperator Furiosa. Once these two meet up, it is non-stop action. While the action slows down a bit, you learn Furiosa’s purpose and it is a rather plausible story arc. As a moviegoer who appreciates dialogue, I was a bit disappointed in some of the writing. Some of it seemed to be forced and other parts seem like they did not belong at all. For example, there is one instance in the film where Miller tries to create some emotional investment between two of the characters. However, in my opinion, it translate well. The film is well paced and at a run time of 2 hours flat, it’s a really good film to go see with friends especially if you are an action junkie. Oddly enough, after watching this film, I do not have any interest in viewing the original Mad Max trilogy starring Mel Gibson. I loved this film and I just feel like this is something that can very well stand on its own. A very interesting take on a post apocalyptic world from the Mastermind George Miller. He successfully created one of the best action films I’ve ever seen.

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