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So the fantastic people from MoviePilot's contests have challenged me as well as fellow creators with creating our own after credits-scene that would show for an interesting crossover/sequel. So I have decided to return to where I started MoviePilot with one of my favorite movies Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Just for fair warning, this may confuse people who haven't seen the movie and could spoil the plot/ending for anybody who haven't already at least heard what goes down. You've been warned.

So without further ado, here is my ending to Kingsman.


[The Tailor for Kingsmen agents as well as formerly the tailor for Valentine building. A hand is placed on one of the mirrors in one of the dressing rooms.]

Computer Voice: Welcome Mr. Valentine.

[The Mirrors fold open into an armory as a severed hand (presumably Valentine's) is dropped on the ground. Several men walk inside]

Man #1: This is what's left. I told you it isn't much.

[Charlie walks ahead of the group]

Charlie: Every empire is started from scraps, gentlemen.

[Charlie approaches a pedestal in the center]

Charlie: With the fall of every king, a new shall shall rise.

[Charlie picks up a data chip from the pedastal and turns around]

Charlie: I will bring down the Kings who "protect" this world. The question is.....who will be my Knights?

[The past Kingsmen "students" from Charlie's/Eggsy's group step froward and stand at attention]

Charlie: Then I think it's time for the Horsemen to ride.


I hope you found this an interesting take on The Kingsman, and as always have a fantastic day!


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