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Ant-Man. The Marvel Studios film that comes out in a month and a half and has had little to no promotion, whatsoever. Anyhow, here's my idea as to what Ant-Man's after credit's scene should be.


Open the scene up to the newly casted Spider-Man (Asa Butterfield?) watching a news clip on television regarding Ant-Man. The shot is shown from behind, and he's standing in a dark room with only the television screen lighting up the room. At this point, Spider-Man doesn't have his mask on, but he's holding it in his hand while clothed in the classic spandex suit. After some time, Spider-Man puts on his mask -- this shot is still shown from behind. He turns around towards the camera and now you can see his face. As he walks towards the lens, you hear him say:

"Ant-Man? What a stupid name!"

Cut to black, and then have a caption pop up reading: "Spider-Man and Ant-Man will return in Captain America: Civil War.

Well, what do you think? Cool, or lame? Let me know!


Would you like to see Spidey show up in the Ant-Man after credits scene?


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