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One of the most active careers in Hollywood history belongs to an 85 year old Clint Eastwood. It was announced that his next film will be about the heroic airplane pilot Capt Chesley Sullenberger who landed a massive commercial aircraft US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River.

Shortly after takeoff Capt Sullenberger reported to air traffic control that the plane had hit a flock of birds, disabling both engines. Deciding it was impossible to reroute to a landing strip, he decided, and saved the lives of everyone on board by landing the aircraft into the river.

Now, Clint Eastwood is fearlessly adding a heavy workload to his 85 year old life. Quentin Tarantino recently mentioned his plans for retirement, and I wonder about other directors like Martin Scorsese, but Clint Eastwood is giving me hope, hope that I will have these legendary directors giving me epic films for a long time to come.

Hudson River incident
Hudson River incident

Clint Eastwood just wrapped up 2 films in 2014, "Jersey Boys" and "American Sniper" and doesn't appear interested in slowing the pace. Eastwood just having announced the project, hasn't mentioned any names for the lead role.

The title of the film right now is "Miracle on the Hudson" and may not have ever happened if not for Harrison Ford's introduction of Sullenberger to producer Frank Marshall.

Eastwood had been interested in bringing a biopic about Richard Jewell to the big screen. Jewell was a police officer who discovered a backpack filled with bombs at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996. Jewell was originally hailed as a hero, and later became a suspect in the incident, and grew into a broader issue problem in the relationship the media has on legal matters. While law enforcement found the criminal, Jewell was nearly destroyed by the media via "trial by media" harassment. It's possible right now that the project would've become too big of a hot topic as the story circles around the villainous role the media played in the life of hero Richard Jewell.

It's hard to believe at 85 years old, Eastwood is at the top of his game, but I am locked in and arms up!

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