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After some thought and with all the ideas floating around in my head. I've come to the conclusion on what would be the best post credits scene for Batman v Superman.........In my opinion.

POST-CREDIT SCENE: The scene starts with Bruce Wayne sitting at a desk in the Batcave. Looking at files in front of him, as well as an Emergency Breaking News report on his TV in the corner. A Gotham Police Station has been hijacked and everyone inside has been taken hostage by unknown assailants. You see Bruce take off towards a pitch black area of the cave. Alfred comes onto the overhead speaker informing Bruce, "Sir, your guests have arrived." Bruce exclaims "Let them in." One by one, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash(and possibly Green Lantern) come walking into the Batcave. The hero's all have their uniforms/suits on. As soon as they take their seat. Batman appears, looks intensely at the new Justice League members and says "Let's get to work."......................... Roll Credits-Cut to black.

March 25th seems so far away..........
March 25th seems so far away..........


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