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Now I will just flat out say it, I am a fan of the show. ...That being said lets be real here, it's not perfect. Not many are, with the exception of 'The Sopranos.' :)


Is It overrated?

There are so many plot holes in this show. It became hilarious after time, but yet no one seemed to notice or care? You pretty much have to suspend belief when watching this show. The fact that this group of 7-10 guys most of them pushing their 50's, some young prospects and Jax of course.... Can pull off outsmarting the IRA!!!! The black mafia?!!?!? And not to mention wipe out the entire Asian Triad in Northern Cali??!!. I understand that Jax is a smart and clever fellow and aligns himself with some helpful peeps, but I still call bullshit!! Also the majority of the seasons is always about Jax and his dilemmas...."I wanna know where is my son!!!!!" We had the for a whole season... "I wanna know who killed my father!!!!!!!" Had that for a another season.... And last but certainly not least, we got "I wanna know who killed Terra!!!!"

Don't get me wrong that last season was a lot of fun to watch, one of my favorite seasons. I like how they explored more in to the character development of the other characters. Every one finds their true love and all that. I know they have digged in to a lit bit of their lives here and there, but it has never been that impactiful and very short lived.

So to wrap things up, I don't mean to come off as bashing this show. Like I said I'm a fan!! It's highly addictive and and it's basically visual action porn. I just think some people hold it in... lets say....high-regards. In my opinion it's not on the same level as 'Sopranos', 'Breaking Bad', 'The Wire' and even 'Fargo'. As the Dude always says..." That is just like your(mine) opinion man.."

Well folks feel free to comment and leave your suggestions and thoughts about this so HOT, and I meant this topic is so hotttt right now!!.... And for the love of god.......try to be civil?


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