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(If you have not seen Pulp Fiction, Snakes on a Plane, or you will not enjoy this humor.)

Say What Again?
Say What Again?

This movie is one of my all time Favorites To be Honest. I've seen this movie a good 20 something times and can quote most of it. This film is a complete Master Piece and it doesn't need an After Credits Scene... but would i like one? Heck Yes! So here it is...

It's 21 years in the Future. You see Jules Winnfield (Played by Samuel L Jackson) completely bald walking the Earth being Peaceful and Happy. He walks by a "Bum" pulls out his Wallet that reads "Bad Mother F*****" and gives him $20. (If you recall in the Movie Vincent Vega at the Diner calls Jules A Bum.)

Bum - For WHAT?

Jules Then gives him a Stern Look and Walks Away Angrily. Then Regains his calmness. He then gets on a Taxi Driven by a Hispanic man.

Jules - To Pann's Restaurant and Coffee Shop.

Taxi Driver - What!?

Jules - What Country you From!?

Taxi Driver - Mexico.

Jules - Oh... My bad. Just Map Quest It.

He arrives at Pann's Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Jules - I'm Tried of these Mother F****** People not Knowing how to Mother F****** talk!

He then pulls out his IPhone.

Jules - Siri!

Siri - What?

He throws his phone on the Floor and walks Away Mad as one man can be.

Cut to Black.


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