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Jordan Aguero

as we are all awaiting the green lantern reboot to arrive sooner than later there are some actors out there who i think could pull off a really good green lantern hal jordan.

#1. Chris Pine

the clear fan favorite and my number 1 choice to play green lantern and was rumored to be in talks for the role chris pine would kill it as hal. chris pine ftw. check him out on star trek.

#2. Jensen Ackles

jensen ackles would be a great green lantern hal jordan because he has the tremendous and right acting chops plus he is a comic book fan he is a huge batman fan and he played the red hood in batman under the red hood he is a talented actor go check his best work on supernatural.

#3. Dave Franco

dave franco is a great underrated actor, the brother of james franco, has the right acting chops and maybe the age factor in this top 5. he is great with comedy and hal jordan is all about funny. dave franco could be a great hal jordan green lantern. go watch him in 21 and 22 jump street and now you see me. dave franco would be fantastic.

#4. Chris Pratt

if you seen him Guardians of the Galaxy you know he would be great hal jordan material in fact he is hal jordan material chris pratt would kill it as hal jordan.

#5. Shia Labeouf

now some of you might not agree with this but hear me out. shia labeouf is a good actor if you seen him in the transformers movie his best performance was in the 3rd installment (dark of the moon). brad pitt said it himself shia is a good actor, coming from the words from one good actor to another. he also has the humor and attitude that hal jordan has, he would probably kill it as hal jordan, he has the age factor in this list, he has been in comedy and action. check him out on fury, transformers series, indiana jones kingdom of the crystal skull, and holes.


who do you guys want to see play green lantern.


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