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It's 6:37PM on a Saturday evening and while many are contemplating what to eat, or plans for date night, director Leonardo Sanderson is hard at work filming and promoting his latest project, Sons of God. I met Sanderson last year in a comic fan group where we discussed a myriad of things that the common man would find trivial like superman vs. batman, and Marvel vs. DC. Such are the conversations that comic fan groups are made of and we not only welcomed it but initiated it often.

It wasn't until sometime later that it was brought to my attention that Sanderson is an indie film director, currently working on a sci-fi project called Sons Of God. Being the diva I am, I had to find an in to get dibs on all the latest and greatest details in the development of this work. What can I say? I like the new stuff. Thankfully, Sanderson was agreeable to my poking and prodding into the details of this web series to be released this fall. I hadn't realized all that production requires until I got to take a peek firsthand.

The actors arrived for a photo shoot, appearing as your average Joe's and Janes; faces that you would see on the train and forget moments after you boarded. About an hour later, all of them were transformed into character, with varied amounts of makeup and costume pieces. One dedicated actress, Ariel De Ment who plays the role of Pandora, took her makeup into her own hands and created quite an impressive transformation. This is the dedication of the indie actor: No diva's here.

Seeing all of this effort made me wonder what could be accomplished with big film backing. Sanderson's story incorporates lots of goodies like Norse Gods, Greek Gods, and the seldom touched upon topic of Nephilem. The actors all have a variety of accomplishments under their belts from Jose Maysonet who has starred in Surviving The Undead among other projects, and Paul Mormando who is also known as "Mr. Karate USA". Mormando has teamed up with veterans like Joe Estevez and is also respected and revered as a Martial Arts Grandmaster.

There are some who don't care for indie films. It seems as if credibility only comes with mainstream Hollywood backing. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. Sanderson and the Sons Of God web series cast are experienced, talented, and prepared to show us all they've got and keep us asking for more.

More updates to come on the Sons of God project!


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