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Amanda Day

So I took my mother (who is a teacher) to see one of her favorite actors, The Rock, in the new disaster thriller San Andreas during summer break. Would like to say New Line Cinema guaranteed a win with that release date but we all know what happened to Aloha!


Would you see another "San Andreas" franchise movie with The Rock?

Overall I would probably give this movie a B, 4 stars or whatever scale you feel comfortable with. I was pleasantly surprised that this movie was fun, fast paced and now a new favorite Disaster Movie. Sorry Mr. The Rock I have to be the teacher/professor here and give your team some notes as to why San Andreas didn’t get that A. Here were a few things that flew across my mind, especially in the opening scenes:

1. The first scene with a Blonde driving along the PCH (?) listening to Taylor Swift was kind of annoying. I thought, really she can’t be a little cooler (listening to Rihanna?) or they couldn’t have something/someone in Southern California that needed saving that was a little less WASP-y? But ok past that and happy to see Todd Williams as Marcus as Colton Haynes as Joby. We have seen Colton all over Social Media tweeting/instagramming his love of filming this movie with his buddy The Rock. Oh wait 5-10 minutes in and he’s gone, never to be seen again! So much for that role...

2. As they go to the classroom at Cal Tech with Paul Giamatti as the professor (very believable) why, oh why, is the student asking the important leading/obvious question a blonde pretty girl wearing black framed glasses to “look smart”. Are we still not past that token fake out? I think we do have to note that the students/staff at the Cal Tech were the smartest people in the film, the whole stop drop and roll worked out well for most of them! We have to agree with the line in the NY Times review by A.O. Scott: “San Andreas, for its part, delivers a perfectly sensible message: Listen to scientists.”

3. Next I will stretch my mind to believe Carla Gugino left The Rock/Dwayne Johnson for Ioan Gruffodd, but did he have to be a rich d-bag? Perhaps it is an important plot point that adds to his despicable character so that the audience is happy he gets taken out later in the movie? Also should we take a tally of how everyone feels about Ioan and his “bitchy sister” Kylie Minogue with their American accents?

3. Thanks San Andreas I do love my state, California, even when you are tearing it apart but did you have to show the end of the Central Valley (Bakersfield) responding to the earthquakes by looting and shooting? At least the huge region in the middle of California was mentioned a few times and my hometown region (Central Valley) was assured by Paul Giamatti that we were somewhat safe from the fault line. Yeah us now just have massive drought to deal with.

3. If the Rock cries, or almost cries, you will too. It is just a given!

4. Happy that despite the above mentioned token blondes this movie had a lot of diversity! Mostly in supporting or extra roles but a huge improvement over the traditional two usual character roles (either white or black) like in most Hollywood movies. Just a personal note that I was upset that Dr. Kim Chung (actor Will Yun Lee) is killed off so fast, what the heck?! Also I did love Archie Panjabi as the reporter Serena, hope we get to see more of her if this movie becomes a franchise (my ideas below)!

Yes at times the movie was a little cheesy but I was over all pleasantly surprised with the movie and thinking of seeing it again but in 3-D this time! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and of course the American flag flapping over the destroyed San Francisco Bay with the Rock’s line “We rebuild” after his ex-wife asks “what do we do now?” did leave you with some hope. As I mentioned above, this could possibly be turned into an earthquake franchise. Paul Giamatti could continue as Dr. Lawrence Hayes, he did mention this San Andreas disaster could trigger the other fault lines around the world. So we could keep the Cal Tech staff, Reporter Serena Johnson and The Rock’s rescue team could be seen again(?). Look Colton Haynes you still have some hope for more screen time! It could work, especially with those opening weekend numbers, right?!


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