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According to recent rumours apparently started by 'We Are Wakanda', a new Hulk will be coming to [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). So, I'm going to be listing a few candidates from least likely to most likely, plus two wild cards. This news suggests that Bruce Banner won't make it into the sequel, despite him suggesting he would.

Other Banner forms

Of course, the news could have been interpreted by 'We Are Wakanda' differently and we could be looking at a different Bruce Banner/Hulk form. I do love Devil Hulk, but it's really not very likely at all. The 3 most likely outcomes for a different form would be:

1. Professor Hulk

Professor Hulk would provide the movie audience with a Hulk they are COMPLETELY unfamiliar with and would surprise the audience. Although, given how awkward it would look, it isn't that likely. It's probably the least likely of the options I have provided in this article.

2. Savage Hulk

Savage Hulk seems more in tune with what audiences expect from Hulk. With General Ross back in the picture, Banner's rage could become too much.

3. Grey Hulk

Grey Hulk was apparently set to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron, so him showing up in his next appearance instead seems likely. Probably the original Grey Hulk though and not really Mr Fixit

I don't think Hulk disappearing at the end of Age of Ultron is a valid enough excuse for him not to appear in Civil War, as Iron Man went off and Hawkeye flat-out RETIRED and they're BOTH coming back.


Even more likely though is that 'We Are Wakanda' interpreted the news perfectly fine and a new Hulk character is coming to Civil War. I don't think A-Bomb will appear, given the fact that Rick Jones hasn't appeared in the MCU. Given their relative lack of obscurity, I can assume it would be one of 2 characters.

1. She Hulk

Given the legal background behind Civil War, She-Hulk seems like a charming addition to the cast, but it's probably overloaded as it is.

2. Red Hulk

Honestly, he's the most likely. He will provide audiences with a completely aesthetically different Hulk and General Ross (who becomes Red Hulk in the comics) has already been confirmed for Civil War. I'm betting on Red Hulk if anything

WILD CARDS (I haven't included Abomination given the fact that he isn't new and the news suggests that it will be a NEW Hulk)

1. Harpy

General Ross' role in Civil War could be that of trying to solve a problem surrounding his daughter. The problem being the fact that she has become the Harpy, which is a COMPLETELY different Hulk then what we expect, although she doesn't really classify as a Hulk. She's more of a gamma creature than a flat-out HULK.

2. Leader

Another Gamma creation more than being a Hulk, Samuel Sterns has already been set up in The Incredible Hulk. Although, he didn't become the Leader, so his Hulk form would technically be new.

So what are your thoughts? Personally I'm thinking Red Hulk. Will Banner be back for Civil War? I'm thinking yes. Share your thoughts in the comments!


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