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"Lucifer" is an upcoming American television series that is set to air on Fox, it's a slight adaptation of the comic book character, created by Neil Gaiman for the comic book series The Sandman and its spin off comic book series Lucifer written by Mike Carey, both published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint. The series was officially picked up on May 9, 2015 for the 2015–16 season and it is scheduled to premiere in 2016." - Wikipedia.

The show is centered around Lucifer Morningstar ( Tom Ellis ) The lord of hell, who becomes bored with his life and decides to leave the underworld, only to move to The City of Angels, Los Angeles.He becomes a consultant at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), whilst running his own nightclub called Lux along the way. This drama/comedy seems similar to Elementary and Forever, with a more mythical twist. Anyone who deeply enjoys shows in which partners solve crimes, this show may be for you!

I am a gigantic fan of Neil Gaiman and his works such as Smoke and Mirrors, and Stardust ( which I highly recommend reading ), so I expect Lucifer will be no exception. However, there is a chance like with many shows on Fox, it may be cancelled; due to the disapproval of the religious community. On May 28, 2015, AFA website One Million Moms launched a petition to prevent the show's airing, claiming the good version of the Devil "disrespects Christianity and mocks the Bible."

By June 3, 2015, the petition has gained 11,000 signatures. Against it, the character's co-creator, Neil Gaiman, reacted on this way: "Ah. It seems like only yesterday that the “Concerned Mothers of America” announced that they were boycotting SANDMAN because it contained Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans characters. It was Wanda that upset them most: the idea of a Trans Woman in a comic book… They told us they were organizing a boycott of SANDMAN, which they would only stop if we wrote to the American Family Association and promised to reform. I wonder if they noticed it didn’t work last time, either…"

Although the Devil is portrayed as being somewhat (if not mostly) good, this may open a new gateway into a whole new range of TV shows portraying the previously known villain, as a good guy; that's something worth watching.

The known cast of Lucifer, for those who are interested, is listed below:

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar: The Lord of Hell who is bored of his life, abdicates and becomes consultant at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). running his own nightclub called Lux along the way.

Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze: Lover, confidante and a devoted ally of Lucifer Morningstar. She is the war leader of the Lilin, a race descended from Lilith.Lina Esco was originally cast for the role.

Lauren German as Chloe Dance: A homicide detective who aids Lucifer as he helps the LAPD solve crimes. The character description describes her as someone who is “repulsed and fascinated” by Lucifer as they work together to solve a murder.

Nicholas Gonzalez as Dan: A LAPD homicide detective who is not a fan of Lucifer mainly because of the hellraiser’s connection to his wife and daughter.

Rachael Harris as Linda: Lucifer's therapist.

D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel: An angel that heads to Los Angeles planning to convince Lucifer to go back to Hell.



With an easy on the eye protagonist and uniquely interesting plot, will you be watching 'Lucifer' in 2016?


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