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For anyone who was wondering how Andrew Garfield has been doing since he left the spider-suit behind, rest assured, he's doing great. In real life, that is -- but in 99 Homes, Garfield portrays an unemployed single father who loses his home, and his struggle as he works for the man that ruined his life. The trailer is as devastating, heart-pounding and solemn as one might expect:

Garfield's caring, careful Dennis Nash is not living the best of lives, but he, his mother (Laura Dern), and his son (Noah Lomax) are making the best of what they have.

That is, until ruthless businessman Rick Carver (played by the incredible Michael Shannon) leads a foreclosure on Dennis' home, sending the family to a motel after giving them two minutes to pack up.

The family is forced in to living in a motel, but the knowledge of how little time they have is a growing shadow over them.

In a twisted turn of events, Dennis is offered a job by the malicious and greedy Carver, who makes it clear right off the bat that Garfield's character should be grateful for the meager pay that he's been offered.

But what starts out as a few jobs doing basic home repairs soon turns in to the job that cost Dennis his home in the first place.

Soon, Dennis' demeanor changes. In his desperation to provide his family with a home, he finds himself becoming the same kind of monster that Carver is, and he soon comes face to face with the homeowners whose lives he, himself, has ruined.

This emotional thriller is a bold look at the current state of living in the United States; how power, money, and corruption can overhaul a person's life and change is dramatically, and how to face those powers without becoming part of the fold.

99 Homes is in select theaters starting September 25th.


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