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In my best Samuel L. Jackson voice: It's TMT aka TIME MACHINE TUESDAY! (or whatever day it is that you're reading this...)

So we all know who the current X-men team is in the cinematic world of Marvel:

Ok? Ok. Now, let's-


*clears throat* I promise I will not get suckered into saying how the casting for Storm is completely and utterly-

Did you see that? Nope. I'm not going to do it. Moving on, people!

Anyway, imagine if we and the team of X-Men's producers, directors, talent scouts, etc. were to jump into a time machine on a Tuesday (ha!) with a single mission. Pack your bell bottoms, afros, stack shoes, long sideburns, and hippie clothes! We're going to the 1970's to cast X-Men!

Wow! That was fast! It looks like we have our cast for the 1970's X-Men Edition:

Rogue: Reba Mcentire

She could pull off the country talking, butt-kicking, not taking any type of mess Rogue we know and love! She could even use her singing as a super power!

Gambit: Sam Elliot

Yes, this is the SAME Sam Elliot who played Betty's Daddy in the 2003 Hulk. It's already fact that he has a Southern drawl, and no doubt he could turn that Southern accent into the smooth talking, card throwing, charming Cajun Gambit!

Jubilee: Nora Miao

If you're a fan of Bruce Lee and his movies, you will recognize this lady! She could easily pull off the firecracker mutant teen Jubilee!

Wolverine: Chuck Norris

Of course, it had to be Chuck as Wolverine! He's on the shorter side of the male height spectrum, stocky, rocks a good pair of sunglasses, a bit hairy...oh and he can FIGHT!!!

Jean Gray: Meryl Streep

At this point in time (70's) she doesn't know that she's an acting legend some years later! The Phoenix in the making!

Cyclops: Christopher Reeve

He just looks like a Scott! Look at him!! Who cares if he also plays Superman?? He could do a DC to Marvel crossover! He's taken! Nice pic,!

Storm: Pam Grier

Yes ma'am! Yessir! She is the queen of film in the black community! She can definitely transform from the gun-toting Foxy Brown to Storm, the goddess of the elements, Ororo Munroe!

Professor X: Sean Connery

YES! YES! YES! Can't you see the distinguished gentleman portraying the Professor? The epitome of class, style, and tact!

Magneto: Michael Caine

I see Michael Caine as the bad guy you can still like at the end of the day, but then still will fight him tomorrow after having English Breakfast Tea for breakfast. And plus, he's got an accent.

Mystic: Carrie Fisher

The sweet princess Leah turned into the dangerous Mystic! Carrie is already used to portraying a scantily clad character so she has this one in the bag! Just add some blue, Carrie!

Beast: Lou Ferrigno

So what he played the Hulk? The Hulk is a beast, right? So, he can play Beast! So there!


What do you think? Good cast? Yay, nay, maybe?


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