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So what happens when you combine a point-based game were the goal is to collect the most life experiences with a dating app like tinder? This short film attempts to answer that question and ask you some moral questions about what kind of hipster future do you want to live in?

A Vimeo staff pick this is seriously an entertaining 6 minutes sprinkled with some Sci-Fi goodness just so that we know we're in the future here and not in the boring reality TV section.

What happens when you stop experiencing life to experience life because you only want to rake up more points to kill at candy crush? Another video asking do we need to make everything a game? Is it inevitable? Well don't just sit there and ponder watch the video to see what I am talking about!

Here is a quote of the synopsis by the video creators.

With the standard of a gamified social media, two young adults meet for a date with the expectation of personal fulfillment.


Alex Stanton's Thesis Project for Full Sail University’s Digital Cinematography Bachelor’s of Science program.

What a crazy app concept. Don't think I want to go on a date just to confirm someone's points.


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