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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

With Ant-Man set to release next month, the influx of details in the coming should be exciting. New official images from Marvel give an up close look at both the front and back of the Ant-Man suit. Marvel also goes on to explain how Hank Pym created the Ant-Man suit and the technology behind it.

The Ant-Man suit looks great! I love how they have modernized the suit, the color scheme is perfect and the attention to detail is outstanding. The suit is going to be a standout part of this film and so far it looks great.

How does the Ant-Man suit work?

Hank Pym, the brilliant mind behind the suit implemented some pretty outstanding technology. While Scott Lang will be using the suit, Pym is the mind behind it all.

"Dr. Henry Pym (Michael Douglas) originally discovered and isolated a rare group of subatomic particles, which have become known as the 'Pym Particles', which could increase or decrease the size and mass of objects or living beings."

Hank Pym had a break through discovery with these Sub-Atomic Particles nicknamed "Pym Particles" the description also went on to explain how the Pym Particles work.

"The Pym Particles work by stunting matter into the Kosmos Dimension when shrinking a subject or accruing extra matter from that dimension when enlarging."

Pym Particles are a very interesting way to describe the technology behind this suit. I can't wait to see the Pym Particles and the Ant-Man suit in action. Hopefully the movie gives a little more back story as to how the Ant-Man came to be. The buzz for this movie continues to grow daily and with just over a month to go, I can not wait!

Ant-Man is set to be released July 17th, 2015


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