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The very fact that "Community" is still alive is due in no small part to the fans of this beloved show. After NBC cancelled it, the end seemed have come for Greendale, but Yahoo has revived it and now we have the foretold sixth season, with Dan Harmon in the driver's seat once again. And it's great.

Something which stood out more than others in this season is that we were able to see the lives of these people outside of Greendale itself. Yes, we've seen this before in small part with Annie and Abed's living situation, but we really haven't seen a lot of the other character's outside of school. So getting to see Britta's parents in their house, or having an episode which took place mainly in an RV was a treat and a nice change of form for the show to take.

As seems to be a tradition since the departure of Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, and Yvette Nicole Brown, new cast members are brought into the show to interact with our crew. Paget Brewster brought the character of Frankie to the show, someone who could whip Greendale into shape while learning to admire the things which make it truly unique and special. There were rare moments in the show in which Frankie would open up and reveal bits and pieces about her life to the gang. This worked well as it showed that while Frankie would be very business, she was also a person with a history and reasons for why she is how she is. Should the show get a seventh season (or a movie), I'd like for them to explore Frankie's character a little bit more, assuming Brewster sticks around.

Keith David is the other notable edition to the crew as the oldest member of the study group since Pierce. David often brought a lot of unique comedy to the show as an old, experienced, and slightly out of his time individual as he would often be confused about things well-known in current popular culture. We never really dived into his history, however, like we would with Frankie, at least not that I can remember. So if the show returns, I'd like to see them explore his past as well.

The remainder of the cast work as well as one would expect. Joel McHale leads the group well as a now-teacher at Greendale, while the others have returned back to the campus for one reason or another. By now, the core cast have mastered their roles flawlessly and continue to give their all in their performances.

The only strange thing which was a little touch-and-go for me were the short end segments after each episode. Some were funny, some were awkward, but I would have liked them to have some greater purpose (maybe leading into the finale to some degree) other than just a few minutes of a joke which only sometimes related to the episode it followed.

Their were some truly memorable episodes this season. "Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing" allowed Ken Jeong to shine in a role on stage. If audiences only really knew him from "Community" and "The Hangover," this was a great way for him to show what he could do acting-wise. "Basic Email Security" brought out a lot of the hidden truths about the group and is one of the first times we saw Frankie open up. "Intro to Recycled Media" showed Jeff beginning to value things which he was a part of with the group, as well as give us a great short film which I would probably watch if it was released. "Modern Espionage" was this season's paintball episode and was easily the stand-out of the season as it took more of a spy route this time.

But no episode really made as much of an impact on me as the finale, "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television." (Spoilers for the finale in-coming)

Throughout the season, we have seen one thing continue to come up with Jeff - He doesn't want to be the last one in Greendale. The Jeff of season one is not even close to the Jeff of season six. Season one Jeff wanted to get out as soon as possible. Season six Jeff has roots now. He has put so much of his time into this school that he doesn't really have anywhere else to go. He survives with the study group he has formed, but it's important to remember that Jeff is a bit older than the majority of the group. Annie, Brita, Abed, and Troy were all roughly the age one would be when going to community college. So why 3/4 of them are still here raises a question. And it's one which Annie addresses in the finale when she gets an intership with a government agency. In the finale, we see Annie and Abed move on from Greendale, possibly forever, and Jeff doesn't take it well. His world is falling apart around him and he struggles to accept it until he does and it's really a great thing to see because it says a lot about how much Jeff has changed and matured himself. He's no longer only thinking about what he wants, but what others whom he has come to care about want as well, as seen by his scene with Annie towards the end of the episode. By the episode's end, we see what remains of the Greendale crew as Brita, Jeff, Chang, and Dean Pelton are the only remaining core members, living life together with Frankie and Elroy.

If season six is truly the finale of the show, it went out on a strong note. We saw characters mature and evolve this season as Dan Harmon was able to take the viewers beyond Greendale and into the lives of this community. And if this is the end, it will never be forgotten.

But those are my thoughts on "Community" season six. Leave yours in the comments below.


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