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There is still no official word from the producers or the network but is reporting that MTV’s Teen Wolf has government tax credits in place to help pay for another Season if they want to continue.

Teen Wolf has funding in place for another season
Teen Wolf has funding in place for another season

The California Film Commission (CFC) announced Tuesday that Teen Wolf is “conditionally approved” for another batch of state tax credits. Variety is reporting a total amount of $10.2 million will be available for Jeff Davis and crew starting in fiscal year 2016. Teen Wolf is currently using right at $10 million awarded by the CFC last year to help cover production costs on Season 5.

The incentive program was changed this year but Teen Wolf automatically qualified under the old program because they relocated from Georgia to California after Season 2.

From what we’ve been able to tell, the CFC did not require Teen Wolf to apply to the program but will require full production details before the show can claim the credits.

Last fall, Jeff Davis and others associated with the show heavily implied that Season 5 would be the last. Starting in January, the rhetoric began to soften and, quoting unnamed sources close to the show, reported that Davis is “now more open to returning for a Season 6.”

The newly assigned tax credits will make the show more affordable for the network to produce and Teen Wolf remains MTV’s top scripted drama.


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