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Yesterday's announcement of upcoming changes to the third season of Marvel's Disney XD cartoon Avengers Assemble came with some expected news and some unexpected surprises.

The show will feature the subtitle Ultron Revolution, and this isn't the suprising part as it's the second time an Avengers cartoon has undergone a "rebranding" in recent years due to the popularity of the films. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which closely followed classic comic plot lines and characters, was replaced by the Cinematic Universe compliant Avengers Assemble show after the success of the first Avengers film.

What was surprising, however, was the announcement that the renamed season 3 will include several new faces in its line up of heroes, ones that will showcase Marvel characters that will soon tie-in and feature in upcoming studio films.

The lucky heroes in question? Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Black Panther (T'Challa), and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan).

Avengers Assemble is going to introduce this crop of characters to an audience on a regular basis week after week, which makes complete sense as three of them have confirmed films with release dates and two of them are confirmed to be involved in Civil War.

That leaves Kamala.

This isn't the first swirling of "possible live action Ms. Marvel" ideas we've heard, either, as first there were the rumors that ABC was developing a Kamala-related property for television, helmed by John Ridley, the Oscar-winning writer of 12 Years a Slave. These rumors have quieted down since the Agents of SHIELD spin-off featuring Mockingbird and Lance Hunter was confirmed, and then not picked up by the network.

The confirmation that she's going to appear alongside the new Avengers recruits solidifies the fact that her time is going to come. The question isn't "Will Kamala appear?" at this point, but rather "When will Kamala appear?"

Unlike many of Marvel's heroes, Kamala started off as an Inhuman, and one who uses the namesake of one of the most recognizable Avengers. With ties to both the Avengers and the Inhumans, it makes sense to use Kamala in order to bridge the two together as she's never been ret-conned, doesn't have Maximoff-like movie rights battles ahead of her, and has a fairly simple and easy to identify backstory: she's the nerd next door. Her personality and sense of humor are unlike any of the heroes currently filling the ranks of the Avengers, and her exuberance at being a hero would be quite refreshing to see on screen. Kamala, in her brilliant comic written G. Willow Wilson, often represents the person walking into the comic shop and going to the midnight releases of films. She's not afraid to geek out, especially when she meets superheroes who she idolizes.

When Kamala appears, will she be brought to life in her own television series with John Ridley writing? Will she be on another show, powered by the fish oil capsules we saw at the end of this seasons' Agents of SHIELD? Or will those roles be filled up by adaptations of characters that have filled the pages of New Warriors, West Coast Avengers, or another series? We don't know for sure who will be filling Skye's team of "inhumans", and we don't know what will happen if anything like the Superhero Registration Act comes to fruition in the Cinematic Universe or what the fall-out from upcoming films will be.

Does Kamala's entry into the animated side of things mean anything for a main Marvel Cinematic Universe debut? It does - but we don't know how.


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