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Over the past six months or so, the shape of the revamped Star Wars universe has begun to take shape. The initial awe of the seventh episode has worn off and eager fans have begun to get excited about the upcoming Anthology series, that will accompany the trilogy beginning with [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) in December. Every other year we can expect a spin-off, with Gareth Edwards kicking things off with Star Wars: Rogue One, which stars Felicity Jones and Ben Mendelsohn.

The second Anthology film was set to be directed by Josh Trank (Fantastic Four), however he quit or was given his walking papers for a variety of rumored reasons. While we have gotten a synopsis and an idea of the tone of Edwards’ film, much less has been known about the second movie. There have been rampant suggestions that it would center around the infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Well, more detailed information about the second film has been uncovered by our friends at Schmoes Know and if their sources are correct, we could have a very exciting Star Wars adventure to look forward to. Here is what they reported.

Han Solo and Boba Fett will be the focus of the second Star Wars Anthology film set for release in 2018…The source reports that the conflict between Fett and Solo that was only hinted at in the original trilogy (and seen countless times in the Expanded Universe) will finally be onscreen in a film taking place between Star Wars: Episode III- Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope. Additionally, it’s been mentioned that characters such as Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, and Bossk will make appearances throughout the film.

This rumor lines up with a host of earlier reports which indicated that Disney/LucasFilm have had intentions of exploring the younger years of two of their most iconic characters in Fett and Solo. Fett’s cult following has endured despite his origins being made overly convoluted in the prequel trilogy. While Solo’s origins and younger years have barely been mentioned in the film series, so exploring how he got the reputation as one of the best smugglers in the galaxy will certainly be a treat for long-time fans.

The time period between episode 3 and 4 is an fertile area to explore unseen adventures for both characters. From the sounds of the rumored report, both characters would carry the film, with other notable characters making appearances in supporting roles. Hopefully this will be the opportunity to flesh out moments like how Chewie and Solo became BFF’s and why Fett is regarded as such a badass.

Marvel has found success by diversifying their superhero films by splicing them with other sub-genres, which has kept their film slate feeling fresh. It appears that LucasFilm is taking a cue from Marvel and will be flavoring each Anthology film with a different tone. Edwards has already confirmed that he plans on making a war film, in the stars, taking inspiration from such movies as Saving Private Ryan. The second movie is rumored to be inspired by westerns and bounty hunter films.

Finally, Schmoes Know have indicated that Disney is pursuing Jon Faverau and Matthew Vaughn for the directing gig. Both are logical options for the studio to pursue. They have a long-standing and fruitful relationship with Faverau who has directed two blockbuster Marvel films, as well as their upcoming adaptation of The Jungle Book. While Vaughn is enjoying the success of The Kingsman and is one of the more sought after action directors in Hollywood. However, Vaughn is in talks to remake Flash Gordon and it is hard to imagine that he would want to helm both space adventures, so something will surely have to give. So make sure to keep coming back for the latest!

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