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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

I love to fan cast, I mean to cast someone as this one specific character would be an absolute dream. But fan casting is still alright, from the DCCU to the MCU there are a lot of characters that haven't been introduced yet,in order for people to make them known they fan cast, they find this one actor to play this one other character except that is just their fantasy life, but if it was real that person would be excited seeing his/her favorite actor/actress playing his/her favorite comic character. Speaking of fan casting I want to share with you a fan cast list for the characters who should be played by the specific actors/actress.

Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow

Starting with the most wanted person, Charlie Hunnam is the voted,most picked and most favoured person to play Green Arrow. I can relate to that, many wanted and still wants Charlie Hunnam to play Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow because of his performance in both Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim, Charlie Hunnam has got what it takes to become the DCCU's Green Arrow.

He's got the looks,the grittiness that DC is currently putting into all their movies, even making Batman more dark and gritty. He's also got that rocking goatee that the original Green Arrow has, not like Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen, sorry Stephen. Charlie, Charlie Hunnam will you be the DCCU's Green Arrow!

Keanu Reeves as The Punisher

Of course we have the John Wick andMatrix star, Keanu Reeves, after I heard Tom Hardy wanted to play Punisher I was so happy but after taking back everything he said, I rewatched John Wick and then seeing Keanu Reeves play John Wick I realized and said "We have our Punisher!". In the movie Keanu Reeves plays a retired killer/assassin who got married and wife suffers from illness, after his wife died he was alone with his car until he realized his wife left him a dog to keep him company and be his companion. Everything was going well until he bumped into a russian mob at a gas station, their leader offered to buy the car but John refused and insulted him just a little bit. Later that night they broke into John Wick's home killed his dog and stole his car. John seeked revenge and went until the very end to get that revenge. You'll be surprised by the amount of death counts by HEADSHOTS John Wick made.

Sound like someone we know? The Punisher! Frank Castle a retired soldier watched people killed his family in front of him, since then he seeked revenge and then after killing (well PUNISHING) the man who killed his family he eventually became a vigilante/anti hero known as The Punisher, punishing people for all their crimes is what he's good at. John Wick and Punisher actually shares a striking resemblance such as the photo above of the cover of John Wick and The Punisher #1 along with these photos...


See the resemblance?

Jake Gyllenhaal as Moon Knight

This one would be the best casting choice ever! There is literally no one else I see can bring Marc Spector AKA Moon Knight to life and at the same time make the crowd stand up clapping, Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake Gyllenhaal would make a perfect millionaire playboy who would soon become a mentally deranged lunatic on the edge and agent of death. As you know Marc Spector's story he is a skilled mercenary,boxer and a US Marine. While on a mission and working for an African mercenary, Raoul Bushman. Marc and his group stumbled upon an abandoned and ancient temple where artifacts including a statue of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. After Bushman betrayed them he kills Dr Alraune (a man in Marc's group). Marc challenges Bushman to a hand to hand combat, after barely living due to the beating he was left to freeze in the sub zero tempatures of the desert night. After Marc's heart stopped beating, the Khonshu came to him and gave hima second chance in life under a condition to be his agent on Earth fighting crime.

Jake Gyllenhaal has proven himself worthy by his performance in Prince of Persia. The film showed that he can handle himself in a muscle-bound, unshaven action style. What do you think? Would Jake Gyllenhaal make a good Marc, should Zach Snyder direct? I think Jake GyllenHaal could be a good pick for him. I'm not sure if I would like a Snyder MK or not. I though Man of Steel was just ok but I really liked Watchmen.

Josh Duhamel as Ghost Rider

I know what you're thinking, some of you might say that Ghost Rider doesn't deserve a movie because Marvel is just going to ruin in all over again or worse, and some of you just don't want Josh Duhamel as Johnny Blaze AKA Ghost Rider. But again this is a FAN cast and for me personally I think Josh would make a great Johnny Blaze, since he's got the brawn and the looks for it. After rewatching all the Transformers movie from Transformers to Transformers Age of Extinction (even if he made a cameo in it) Josh Duhamel can pull this off, he plays Major Lennox in the Transformers movies, a captain of the US Army or N.E.S.T. as they call it.

I know that some of you are saying, what if the Ghost Rider reboot happens and it will be more worse than the old one? Guys it's the 2015, people are geniuses now, did you see how James Gunn came up with Guardians of The Galaxy? GoTG broke the box office record last year and this year James Wan's Furious 7 broke the world record by BILLIONS! Also Avengers Age of Ultron was like the runner up to Furious 7. I have a feeling that this reboot will break the box office, the just need to add some intense s**t in there, like how suspense we were seeing Quicksilver die in Avengers Age of Ultron. Josh Duhamel will do a great job as Ghost Rider, well at least better than Nicholas Cage, sorry Nic.

Johnny Depp as Maximus The Mad

Of course we also have the Inhumans, Maximus The Mad's appearance in Inhumans is still unknown, but I have a feeling that we will see Maximus The Mad in Inhumans, and the person to bring that character to life? Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp proved he was worthy in Alice in Wonderland and Into The Woods, where he plays The Madhatter in Alice in Wonderland and The Wolf in Into The Woods. There is the word MAD in MADhatter and Maximus is called Maximus The MAD and there's no one else who I think could nail the character more than Johnny Depp, he plays a lot of weird characters in movies, I'm pretty sure the only normal character I see him play is in Transcendence (of course that is what I see) while the others like Willy Wonka,Cap Jack Sparrow,Madhatter and The Wolf is just weird, but he does has a habit of being mad, like as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of The Caribbean.

I only see Johnny Depp as the one who could bring Maximus The Mad to life, he's a great actor,he's got the looks and the madness to bring to the character to life on the big screen and plus Johnny Depp is a big Hollywood star, why not act in a comic movie right? Though we did hear that Johnny Depp could serve up to 10 years in jail for animal smuggling in Australia, so that's the problem.

2 Options: Jason Statham as Black Bolt or Taskmaster


Next we have the Furious 7 and SPY star Jason Statham who is pretty much a big shot in Hollywood and the only time I've seen him play a villain or bad guy is in Furious 7, and he did a marvelous job in it.

Why he has to play Black Bolt - Jason Statham has got the looks for the role, as you know Black Bolt is (I guess) bald and silent so Jason Statham has acted in alot of spy movies and spies are stealthy and another word for stealthy is silent. I would really love to see Jason Statham play Black Bolt rather than Vin Diesel, because I think Vin Diesel has done enough as Groot. I'm sorry don't get me wrong I love Vin Diesel but I just don't see him as Black Bolt.

Why he has to play Taskmaster - I don't know about everyone else but I'd love to see Jason Statham as taskmaster. Taskmaster I one of my favorite villains/anti-heroes and I really want to see Jason Statham as Taskmaster. Jason has got the attitude,the looks and the build for Tasmaster and I can see him make an excellent Tony Masters. Plus with Jason Statham's accent he can nail the role, like I said he acts in a lot of spy movies and he has the talent for it.

If Jason Statham doesn't get the role of Black Bolt than please get Taskmaster.

BONUS!!! DC: Zachary Quinto as Scarecrow

We might be needing a new Scarecrow for a Batman reboot and I think Zachary Quinto is our guy. As you know Scarecrow is psychologist who uses a variety of drugs and psychological tactics to intimidate fear in his victims and is an expert hand-to-hand combatant, and mainly uses a fear toxin to make a victim to hallucinate their greatest fear. Zachary Quinto has a very creepy, unsettling vibe to him, as seen in Heroes and American Horror Story. He'd make a very unnerving and scary Scarecrow.

Zachary Quinto can act as a creepy and suspicious person and I can see him very well as Scarecrow.

Neil Patrick Harris as The Riddler

Suit up! Or should I say Suit up? Neil Patrick Harris would totally make a great Riddler, Neil Patrick Harris has voiced acted so many DC and Marvel characters. Neil Patrick Harris has voiced...

  • The Flash in Justice League The New Frontier
  • Nightwing in Batman Under The Red Hood
  • Johnny Morrow in Static Shock
  • Spider-Man in both Spider-Man:The New Animated Series and Spider-Man:Shattered Dimensions (video game)
  • Ray Thompson in Justice League
  • Music Meister in Batman The Brave and The Bold

Neil Patrick Harris has voiced a lot of DC characters and plus we also get a look at Neil Patrick Harris in Riddler costume.

Wish this was real!


Luke Evans as Baron Mordo

Had to save the most unexpected for last, I figured since Dr Strange is getting his movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and also because Baron Mordo is Dr Strange's friend turned evil (or something like that) I have a feeling we will be seeing him in Dr Strange and the only actor who I think is perfect for the role would be Luke Evans, this Fast and Furious 6 and Dracula Untold star deserves to be Baron Mordo, he's got the looks,the attitude and the shape for it.

Watching Dracula Untold was actually fun but the movie was kind of boring but Luke Evans' performance was great in that movie.


Which character do you want to see join the MCU?


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