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I have always loved movies and I can appreciate them in many different ways! Sometimes I enjoy the title sequence, fall in love with their original soundtrack, or simply have fun watching the movie! Even if a movie was horrible, I might appreciate it for some fond memories I have from watching it as a child or with the people I love.

Saul Bass has always been a huge inspiration for me in graphic design, especially in relation with movies. I admire his minimalist and geometric style. One day I got inspired by some of his typography, and decided to create my own type similar to his designs, and play around with it! The geometric letters quickly found their place and I began this project for my own enjoyment. The mission was simple: Posters that depict each movie, using only the elements of the font with some simple colors.

The association created in the posters, and specifically the defining character above the name of the movie, might be linked to the logo or to an important object in the movie... you can make your own assumptions on how they are related to their corresponding movies :)

The Flash


Green Lantern


Fight Club

National Treasure

Kill Bill


Lord of The Rings

The Pink Panther

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