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The Kollywood movie " Masss " aka " Massu Engira Masilamani " recently released and going strong in Box Office . The movie is directed by Venkat Prabhu and Starred by Surya , Nayanthara , Premgi Amaren are the main cast . We can't even say what genre of the movie is this because it has Horror ( As Venkat Prabhu said But there is no horror :P ) , Action , Thriller , Revenge .There is a saying in Social Media that

Even If Venkat Prabhu Movie has no story He wouldn't direct without his brother Premgi Amaren .

Many may like Premgi Amaren and some may hate him

But Here are the 4 Reasons Why We Like Premgi Amaren in Masss

1. He made his fans to Cry :(

We all know , he is a comedian but Yes , He made his fans to cry . You will know the reason in next one :(

2 . He is Dead dude !!

Oh Yeah ! You Read it Right ! Premgi Amaren is dead in Masss . Some may take this as either happier news or sad news . Don't ever think that He is dead So he will not come for Entire movie . He covers more screen when compared to the Nayanthara

3 . The Famous Premgi Symbol

Even In this Film has his trademark symbol " Evalavo Pannitom Idha Pannamattoma " in climax which makes the audience to laugh out loud in theatres

4 . He didn't steal the money !!

Previously In Mankatha , He is the one who stolen the money . But In Masss , He can't even touch the money Even though the room is full of Money shown by Surya . We should not see more Logic in Horror movies but Venkat Prabhu made a mistake that Ghosts can carry large items like steel door , can throw things , but they can't touch the money :(

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