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I've read thousands of comics! By that I mean about 7 but you get the point...

Clara Oswald.

The Impossible Girl.

Often I have seen people complaining about Clara, with them saying 'shes just a plot device' or 'shes not good enough.'

But I will show you plenty of reasons why Clara is possibly the best companion of Doctor Who ever.

Introduced as a girl (err Dalek) who then died again in the Christmas episode, Clara was always going to be a mystery. She was the impossible girl. To be honest I didn't see this as a plot device but instead as a way of keeping the idea of a companion fresh.

Rose was exciting, the first companion of the revived series and was amusing, brave and lovely (except when she flirted with other people while going out with Mickey).

Martha was the same girl, but the Doctor didn't like her.

Donna was older, a slighter fresher take. She was witty and great. ANNND most importantly of all she didn't fall in love with the Doctor.

Amy and Rory were brilliant. Amy was a beautiful independent girl who we saw travel with the Doctor for years. She was the girl who waited. And Rory was the man who waited for 2000 f***ing years!

Now Clara couldn't be a typical London girl who met the Doctor and fell in love. She couldn't still just be strong and independent. She couldn't just be witty.
So instead Clara became the best of every modern day companion and her own. Clara was a London girl, and relateable. She was exciting and slightly flirty like Rose, she was ummmm a girl? like Martha, she was witty and funny like Donna, as well as being loyal and strong like Amy and Rory!

Not to mention she is beautiful as well!

But Clara wasn't just all of that- she had mystery.

And that was great.


Do you think Clara is the best companion?


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