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With Jurassic World about to storm onto screens and remind us all exactly how awesome Dinosaurs really are, I've been doing a lot of thinking about appropriate movie watching snacks - you know, answering the big questions. As it turns out there is a perfect Jurassic World watching snack, and it works on so many more levels than just a body-sustaining food source: Totino's Pizza Rolls.

Totino's have proved that they truly perfectly compliment Jurassic World with the different flavors matching up with a number of the terrifying and awe-inspiring dinosaurs from the movie, it seems like an odd combination, but check out these top flavor picks and see if you don't agree:

1. Indominus Rex = Triple Meat Totino's

Starting with the new guy on the the block, the Indominus Rex is the newest dinosaur to join Jurassic World and with a name that means 'fierce of untamable king' it seems like it's destined to mess some shit UP! With an appetite for anything and everything meat based (humans, goats, other dinosaurs...) it seems like it would definitely be paired best with a Triple Meat Totino's, and I bet that hungry bastard wouldn't share any, either.

2. Triceratops = Triple Cheese Totino's

The sweet triceratops seems like the gentle giant of the dinosaur world, and many of us will remember this species from the sick dinosaur that Dr. Ellie Sattler tended to in Jurassic Park. The three-horned herbivore would obviously be best paired with Triple Cheese Totino's, something which would not only stimulate the senses, but also leave it's vegetarian palate unoffended. Not to mention that unlike the dino in Jurassic World, with a Triple Cheese Totino there's no danger of making a Triceratops mysteriously ill.

3. Gallimimus = Cheddar Blasted Crust

The tall ostrich-like Gallimimus actually has a name which means "chicken or rooster mimic," so like any delicious sandwich it would be best paired with the Cheddar Blasted rolls. Despite the fact that these dinosaurs likely had very good running ability, they also had hollow bones, like most modern birds, meaning in a race for the last Totino a swift kick the leg might be enough to clinch a victory.

4. Ankylosaurus = Ranch Blasted Crust

According to the Jurassic World website Paleontologists have called the Ankylosaurus a "living tank," and a dinosaur with that sort of amazing description definitely needs to be paired with a substantial pizza snack like the Ranch Blasted Crust. Not only is this pizza roll packed to the brim with delicious pepperoni filling, but much like the bulky rounded club that the Ankylosaurus has on the end of its tail, the hot flavor of the Ranch Blasted Crust also packs a power punch, making it the perfect pairing.

5. Velociraptor = Combination

These super intelligent dinosaurs (their name actually means "swift thief!") have so many facets to their curious personality so the only flavor that can really compliment it is Combination pizza rolls, I mean come on, it's perfect! Not only does the sausage and pepperoni flavor pairs wonderfully with the carnivorous diet of the Raptors, but their moorishness means you yourself might ended up mimicking the Raptor and become a swift thief yourself, stealing any unattended snacks.

Source: Jurassic World


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