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Over the years many celebrities have appeared in cameo roles in some of our favorite films - Bill Murray appeared as the fake-then-real living dead in Zombieland, director Peter Jackson has appeared in all of his movies including The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and comic book writer Stan Lee has made numerous cameos in many Marvel films. But despite all of these appearances being very impressive, there's one thing that might beat all of these guys in terms of awesome cameos across many different genres, yes, that's right, I'm talking about Totino's Pizza Rolls.

It might seem crazy, but look closely and you'll see that these rolls have had some of the best cameo roles of the last 30 years. Their smooth and fluid acting style has to be admired and I think you'll agree after seeing the top 8 Totino cameos they're real scene stealers:

1. The Avengers

When you're a crime fighting, world saving superhero team you've gotta be prepared for action at any moment, after all - villains don't stop for snack breaks, Tony Stark obviously knows this and luckily for Captain America, he's willing to share his pizza rolls.

2. Furious 6

What better food to share with the family than Totino's?

3. Jurassic World

I'm not saying the escaped D-Rex in Jurassic World has a taste for Totino's, but it does look an awful lot like that from this screen grab taken from the official trailer....

I guess we'll just have to wait until June 12th to see exactly why the D-Rex is angry.

4. Ratatouille

Of course Totino's makes an appearance in Ratatouille, after all, who else is a bigger cheese fan than a rat like Remy?

5. Mad Max: Fury Road

Not only does the villainous overlord Immortan Joe have a harem full of women, and control of the masses, but he also has complete control over the Totino's pizza rolls in the Mad Max universe.

6. The Fault in Our Stars

A small, but pivotal appearance in The Fault in Our Stars saw Totino's being eaten by the Lancasters during a family meal.

7. Spider-Man

In one of his first displays of his new found skills, Peter Parker managed to save Mary-Jane's lunch from disaster when he caught all the food, including the pizza rolls, on the lunch tray - what a gentleman!

8. The Goonies

In one of the most heartwarming (yet slightly terrifying) scenes of The Goonies, the imprisoned Chunk and Sloth bonded after sharing a lone pizza roll that Chunk had hidden away. As you no doubt know, the gesture led to a brotherly bond and Sloth even saving the day at the end of the film.


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