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Jerome Maida

Still basking in the glow of winning "Best Florida Film" at the Sunscreen Film Festival last month, "The Martial Arts Kid" says she is thrilled that Matthew Ziff, who portrays bully Bo Whitlaw in the film, walked away with Best Supporting Actor for his role.

"I was so proud of Matthew Ziff for winning best supporting actor at the Sunscreen Film Festival", says Wheeler, the legendary former kickboxing champion. "He worked so hard in his role as the bully Bo Whitlaw... He became that character in every way."

"It was an amazing transformation as Matthew is normally slim built, very handsome with a classic haircut, and so charming", Wheeler continued. "He gained almost 30 pounds for his role as the bully and cut his hair in a very unorthodox, 'tough guy' style, and truly owned the part."

"He deserved his win in every way. We are very proud of him, as well as his beautiful mom Lorraine, who also played a nice role in our film (as the shopkeeper Peggy)!!! Truly a talented family!!!"

The transformation Matthew Ziff underwent is indeed impressive.

Here's a look of the "normal", everyday Matthew Ziff:

Now, here's a look at him playing Bo Whitlaw:

Pretty cool, no?

"The Martial Arts Kid" is scheduled to hit theaters this summer.


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