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Ian Somerhalder has a glowing reputation when it comes to the way he treats his fans, but sometimes even he needs to have some time away from the adoring crowds.

In a recently shot video taken in Paris, Ian refuses to take pictures with fans who are waiting in ambush to see him and his new wife Nikki Reed emerge. Instead he tells the girls that although he loves them, their behavior is "just too much" before informing them that "today is my day."

Obviously, this does not go down well and one of the girls is seen in tears as Ian directly addresses her but refuses to pose for a picture that would allow her to capture the memory. Check out the video for yourself below:

Whereas I don't think Ian was being rude, as the title of the YouTube video suggests, I kind of think that The Vampire Diaries star needs to be cruel to be kind to avoid his life being taken over by ultra-fans.

From the way he was mentioning people following him, it seems to me that maybe some or all of the group had been trailing him around the city the day before and Ian just wanted to spend some time in the City of Romance with his wife.

It would probably be easier for both Ian and his fans if he simply left through the back door or got security to clear the crowds before he drove away. Telling people how amazing they are while avoiding conversation, autographs or photos doesn't come across as very sincere and it isn't good for Ian's image, let alone the hysterical fans who might feel like they have been mistreated by their idol.

(Source: Dlisted)


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