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The Spy Experience

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a press screening for Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham. A few days after seeing the film I was lucky enough to sit down with Melissa McCarthy and director, producer and writer Paul Feig to chat with them about the movie (as well as other hilarious topics).

This is the third film Melissa and Paul have done together. Their previous tandem works, Bridesmaids and The Heat, were wildly successful and absolutely hilarious. If you haven't seen either them, you might want to get on that, soon.

Spy is the story of Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy), a CIA analyst who volunteers to go undercover and bring down an villainous arms dealer. The film has all of the international feel, opulence and hard hitting action that you would want in a James Bond film. As well as the all of the fun, hijinks and hilarity that we've come to expect from Paul Feig and his crew of merry men and women. I knew that I was going to see a great film, my expectations were exceeded.

The Interview

Getting the chance to sit down and interview Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig is something I'll never forget. What I enjoyed most about the experience was that they realised I was a fan. I think they were very aware of how cool (I thought) it was for me to be there.

Check out my sit-down interview below where I quizzed Paul and Melissa on how well they know one-another, to rather hilarious results!

SPY hits theatres June 5th, DON'T MISS IT!

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