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We've all gone through our adventurous teenage stages, where we perhaps didn't make the best decisions. From underaged drinking, to exploring sexuality, and maybe lying about the amount of studying we were actually doing, our years as a teenager were probably our most exciting and rebellious yet.

This is, of course, seen as normal teenaged behavior. But what happens when teens are so far deep into their dark side, they become dangerous and violent?

In light of the Charlie Charlie Challenge, we were reminded of how teens enjoy experimenting with the unknown dangers of the spirit world.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Charlie Charlie Challenge, here is an example of how to connect with the spooky demon known as Charlie:

Sure, it ended up being a market ploy for a film called The Gallows that will be released in theaters summer of this year. But I'd personally rather be safe than sorry.

Below is a list of 4 teens that messed with the occult in very extreme ways, some of which end tragically with murder.

1. Vampire Cult Disaster

In 1996, a teenaged boy named Rod Ferrell was a vampire cult leader who murdered two people. In high school, he became obsessed with a game called Vampire: The Masquerade, in which he would role-play being a real life vampire.

His interests in vampirism introduced him to a group consisted of Charity Lynn Keesee, Dana Cooper, and Howard Scott Anderson. They looked to Ferrell as their vampire leader, and experimented with drinking blood and group sex.

Wanting to join Ferrell's group of vampires, a young girl named Heather Wendorf asked that they kill her parents Richard and Naomi. The cult did just that and was eventually captured travelling to New Orleans.

Ferrell was eventually sentenced to death.

2. Slender Man Murder

In 2015, two young Wisconsin girls were accused guilty of stabbing their classmate, claiming it was Slender Man who forced them to do it to spare their families' deaths.

The two girls planned their classmate's death for months, finally inviting her to a sleepover and then persuading her to follow them into the forest in Waukesha. After stabbing her nineteen times, they traveled to the Nicolet National Forest where they planned to live with Slender Man in his mansion.

Even though the girls were all twelve years old at the time, and the victim ended up surviving, I feel that this act is still much too dark and intense for such young innocent girls.

3. Ouija Board Gone Wrong

In 2012, a Texas teen stabbed his fellow high school friend in the abdomen.

While playing with the Ouija board in the back woods, the friend was stabbed bloody by the teen, who claimed that the Ouija board made him do it.

The friend spend three days in the intensive care unit before recovering from the attempted murder.

4. Selling Your Soul to Satan

In 2014, a 17-year-old high schooler named Jose E. Reyes, along with the help of another classmate, performed a Satanic ritual killing on Corriann Cervantes, with the intent of selling the helping classmate's soul to the devil.

Reyes and his friend kidnapped Cervantes and violently raped her in an abandoned apartment building. When found, she was half-naked and had an upside-down cross carved into her stomach. Religious pieces were found placed in a circle around her body.

The most twisted part of this already horrific story was that Reyes appeared to smile carelessly at photographers while in the courtroom.

I am praying it won't happen, but part of me is worried to one day hear the tragic news that a teen has attempted murder with the evil demon Charlie demanding him or her to kill.

While most teens dip into the normal naughty debauchery that goes with being a typical high schooler, some go off a deep end and are sadly thrust into a grim and perilous state. And some can end up becoming killers.

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