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Rob Harris

You know what I love even more than creepy photos? Photos that appear innocent enough at first, but hide a deep and terrifying secret that only the astute eye will pick up on.

Take a look at these devilishly deceptive images - they may seem disarmingly harmless at first glance, but take a closer look and you'll soon realize that they're anything but!

Don't Touch That Pillow

In fact, best not to touch the sofa entirely...

It's Time To Come Inside, Kids

The 'ice cream man' seemed suspiciously more slender than normal.

Er, I Think He's Already Dead

That's a bad case of creepy-dummyitus you've got there.

Can I Come In?

There's always one late to the party.


Not quite the seductive selfie she was going for...

The Silent Groundskeeper

Whatever you do, don't turn around!

Sinister Spirit Animal

Is there such a thing as a 'full sun'?

Midnight Ghoul

Dear god, lock the windows!

When You See It...

I've seen of a butt chair imprint before, but never a face.

Scary Dairy

Erm, I'll take the one without a disembodied hand please.


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