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You may recall the animated Disney film Atlantis: The Lost Empire, which came out back in 2001. There has long been a fantasy that a hidden civilization exists somewhere "lost" on an island subcontinent often idealized as an advanced, utopian society holding wisdom that could bring world peace. It clearly seems pretty farfetched when you first think about it, but I like to think that I'm open-minded enough to at least imagine it as a possibility.

Clearly, there is some level of intrigue surrounding it from multiple fronts. For example, I mean there was also this BBC show, Atlantis, that was recently cancelled:

Here's a list of reasons that Atlantis might exist, and I'm not talking about the resort in the Caribbean with the water slide that goes through the shark tank... although, that's pretty cool, too!

So, here are nine things for you to consider with regard to the lost land of the sea, Atlantis. Hopefully they'll help paint a picture of this land that might inform you as to whether you think it exists or not.

1. If Atlantis were to exist, it would be huge

Scientists claim that if Atlantis were to exist, it would have to be as big as Libya and Asia combined.

2. Tale of God's Love

According to legend, the God of the Sea a.k.a. Poseidon created Atlantis. He fell in love with a mortal woman named Cleito who came from Atlantis - civilization was incredibly advanced there.

3. The "Hill of Cleito"

The city of Atlantis was supposedly made on top of a hill and is apparently surrounded by rings of water and land. There was another hill, the "Hill of Cleito," where Poseidon captivated his wife because he was not trustful of her loyalty. The hill was surrounded by huge moats and pillars.

4. The Statue of Gold

Some how, some way, apparently Cleito had five pairs of twins (all sons) with Poseidon, and as the legend tells it, the eldest was named Atlas. There is supposedly a huge golden statue of Poseidon that the sons built inside of a temple they constructed in his honor. The temple was apparently super tall and spiraled up above the clouds.

5. $$$$$$$$$

The city was believed to have been self sufficient, where people were able to grow their own food, rear animals, and make beautiful buildings and outstanding architecture from materials such as black and red stone. They had access to rare metals and even alloys like brass, they made and used crystals. This is where they lose me, though. Who is doing all of this laborious work?

6. How Do You Get in There?

Edgar Cayce was a man who studied the tale of Atlantis, the Lost City, in detail for an extensive amount of time. He mentioned in a book he wrote compiling all of his findings that the Lost City would once again rise like "the sun rises from the sea." He said the entry to the hall of records of Atlantis can be found under the right paw of the sphinx of Egypt.

7. The Inhabitants of Atlantis are Aliens?

The original inhabitants of Atlantis were supposedly extraterrestrial. They were apparently much taller and more fair-skinned than the average human-being of today. They came to the city 50,000 years ago from the Lyrian star system. These people live for 800 years. Wow. That's a long life... I would get bored.

8. These Fools Also Have Superpowers?

Naturally, the inhabitants of Atlantis also had superpowers. They could control weather, modify volcanic eruptions for fun, and had a love for unpleasant weather which led to thunderstorms on a consistent basis. Wait, they could also channel energy from time and space? This is no joke.

9. Where Is Atlantis, Though?

It's still relatively unclear where Atlantis is supposed to be located. According to the record of what Plato thought, it was somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean... hmm, makes sense. However, no technology so far has located a city anywhere where anyone has ever predicted. The most recent "research" claims that it exists somewhere between the gap of water in the middle of Spain and Morocco.

If this isn't very convincing, don't worry. I'm not overly convinced myself. However, the one that exists in the Caribbean is awesome and before I die, I need to go down the water slide that goes through the shark tank.

Get me a ticket to this place. I need to experience this... and I need to experience it now.

(Via: MarineInsight)


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