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My reaction to the remake of IT being canceled made me look a little like this...

I was so genuinely deflated that one of the greatest horror characters of all time wouldn't be given a modern gore lift and bring Pennywise 'The Dancing Clown' back into our thoughts, and nightmares.

If you're unfamiliar with IT and Pennywise, you probably don't have a horrific fear of clowns. If you are familiar, they probably terrify you. In fact, they definitely terrify you, not to worry though, I and millions of others are in the same boat.

Based on the novel by notorious horror writer Stephen King, the story is based on a gang of children who begin to be terrorized by an evil clown who is hellbent on killing them. Who could ever forget what happened to poor Georgie?!

Often coming to them in the forms of their worst fears they have to prove they are not scared. That way the murderous shape-shifting clown cannot kill them, or feed off their fear. He comes in all shapes and sizes, one minute he's a werewolf, the next he's exploding blood everywhere that only the children can see.

Not to mention popping up out of photo albums...

But, after years of being on hiatus, and with the kids all grown up, Pennywise comes back to terrorize a new generation. But can the original gang stop him before there are more dead children?!

See! It's completely ludicrous just how knee-knockingly scary this whole story is. I mean, as a kid you would have hated to have seen your worst fears, but watching the movie as an adult just makes me think how messed up it would be to have to face my childhood fears!

A remake would have been awesome!

So, imagine my dismay when artwork ideas for the now shelved remake emerged!

Pennywise Revamped

The idea is the same, if it ain't broke and all that, but you have to admit the scare factor has been cranked right up. Now there's a clown who looks like he tempts children into sewers...

I think we can establish that just because 'IT' is in lower case, it doesn't distract from the fact that Pennywise is terrifying, has scary fish looking skin and should really keep his nose on!

What's with the Octopus growing out of his head?! And the face?! What's with the face?!

Whoa! It isn't an octopus, it's loads of scary things. He must be pretty sick if he can smile while the back of his head has just smashed open revealing everything that's evil inside of it!

Revealed by Director and screenwriter Vincenzo Natali the artwork and script pages are from the project that is sadly not going to be.

Now watch this last clip and let Pennywise say goodbye, the best way he knows how.

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