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It's an old story that we know all too well: talented child star gets too much fame too quickly only to see their dreams dashed in adulthood. Hollywood has repeated this narrative over and over again until the general public pretty much expects it. Lindsay Lohan fits squarely in that trajectory, but, for some reason, many of us still have hopes for a comeback.

Maybe it was her early star-making turn in The Parent Trap that permanently endeared Lindsay to us. It was a time long before any of the drug scandals or widely publicized mug shots, and we could just enjoy this young star with a major talent.

These days, the Lindsay Lohan we read about is about as far away as you can get from that Disney darling. Yet, a string of events this year may be pointing to a brighter future for Lindsay, so let's take a look at her various highs and lows to see if she might be back on our screens sometime soon.

The downfall

We all know that Lindsay has had numerous run-ins with the law, so I won't go into all of them here. Between drug offenses and breaking probation, Lindsay has landed herself with a rap sheet that is honestly hard to replicate in full. Here are the big ones that have caused the actress to go from super star to behind bars.

  • May 26, 2007: Arrested for drunk driving, checks into rehab.
  • July 24, 2007: Arrested again and charged with drunk driving, cocaine possession, and driving with a suspended license.
  • May 24, 2010: After violating the terms of her probation and missing multiple court hearings, Lindsay gets hit with a drinking bam, random weekly drug testing, and a bracelet to detect alcohol.
  • July 6, 2010: Judge orders Lindsay to serve 90 days in jail and another 90 days in a rehab program for violating her probation (she only served 2 weeks).
  • May 11, 2011: Judge orders a 120-day jail for grand theft after Lindsay steals an expensive necklace. She serves most of this under house arrest.
  • November 2, 2011: Lindsay is sentenced to another 30 days in jail for violating probation.
  • September 12, 2012: Charged with leaving the scene of an accident for which she later gets 90 days in a rehab facility, 30 days of community service, and 18 months of therapy.

Yes, this is just a small collection of the major events that saw Lindsay have trouble with the law. The stacks of probation have followed her to this year, but she's avoided breaking the law lately. As you'll read below, 2015 may be the first year that Lindsay is truly turning a new leaf.

Her stage premiere

In October 2014, Lindsay made her stage debut in the London West End production of Speed-the-Plow. The play was written by brilliant and renowned playwright David Mamet, and Lindsay's role was originally played by Madonna. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for Lindsay to recommit herself to her craft and prove that she's a serious actress.

For the notoriously harsh critics of that stage, Lindsay actually received a mostly warm response. Some claimed that she was "out of her league," but with all the pressure on her and the waiting crowds ready to pick her apart, the rest of the response was pretty impressive.

Her performance was praised by some as the best part of the whole show, with terms like "winning" and "a real presence" being thrown around to describe Lindsay. Though many of the feedback was tinged with caveats, the overwhelming reaction was that she can act, which bodes well for her future and might signal a return to her glory days.

Turning to religion?

Splash News
Splash News

When I first saw this photo, I assumed that it was either planted or photoshopped, but Lindsay's own social media suggests that the actress is taking a major interest in Islam. Here, she was seen carrying around a copy of the Qu'ran, and she posted this now-deleted quote from it on her Instagram earlier this year.

When a spokesperson for Lindsay was asked about a potential conversion to Islam, she claimed that Lindsay is just interested in a strictly cultural aspect:

To my knowledge she is not considering fully converting to Islam, but I know she has been taking a keen interest in the Arabic culture of late.

Lindsay has also been adding "Salam" (the Arabic word for "peace" a common, shortened greeting) to many of her posts on social media, which is only furthering the rumors. Regardless of how deep she is really getting into religion and spirituality, there's been a noted change in her positivity and her demeanor lately. She's even been studying Arabic!

If studying the teachings of Islam is enough to keep her sober and happy, then it's awesome that discovered it at such a pivotal time.

Community service success story

NBC via
NBC via

As part of her sentencing from a 2012 arrest, Lindsay had to put in 125 hours of community service by the end of May 2015. She had only completed 10 of those hours at the start of May, and many news outlets were speculating that she would be returning to jail for violating the terms of her probation.

However, Lindsay shocked us all by working tirelessly last month and volunteering 8 hours a day for weeks until her community service was completed. Now, this may not seem like a big deal to average people like you and me who work everyday, but consider the fact that pretty much everyone was doubting that Lindsay would get this done. This is the first time in over seven years that she will be off probation after completing the necessary steps, and it seems like this might actually signal a turnaround.


Lindsay worked at the Ali Fornay Center and Duffield Children's Center in New York City, and according to her bosses like Carl Siciliano, she showed the kind of laudable behavior that's complete opposite of what you'd expect:

During the five days she volunteered at the Ali Forney Center, we were impressed by Lindsay Lohan. She was punctual, drama-free, showed kindness and concern for our kids, and demonstrated a good work ethic

The same employer proclaimed that he would be "happy to hire" Lindsay to work at his establishment if she ever wanted to pursue a different career.

NBC via
NBC via

It's clear from this very brief timeline that Lindsay has been through some major highs and some catastrophic lows, so who knows what the future has in store for her. Judging by her recent progress and the fact that she's a newly-free woman, however, I'm hoping that she manages to stay on this path of productivity.

Even if she has to start at the bottom to get back on top, a Lindsay Lohan comeback would be one of the most astounding stories Hollywood has ever seen.


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