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Disney memorabilia can be found almost anywhere. Now one Tumblr artist has gone one step further to show us how popular fashion magazines would look if our favourite Disney Princess's were to grace the covers, along with giving them some fun headlines too.

Tinkerbell, the fairy Princess:

Tinkerbell is given a whole new grown-up approach with this cover and is referred to as 'Spicy' which is far from the innocent sparkly fairy in green that we all know. This cover has both an inspiring and cheeky undertone. And with a free Lost Boys Survival Guide who wouldn't want to read this?

Mulan, the stylish Princess:

Mulan is a young but very fashion aware character. Along with being super stylish, Mulan is a genius with tea making. We can see here that she has more than enough to go around and certainly knows how to 'Pour the tea'.

Listen with your heart, Pocohontas:

This cover reveals both scandals and how to get creative with Pocohontas, I almost wish that someone would invent the 'Colours of the Wind' makeup as I am sure it would look great...

Princess Jasmine, a whole new girl:

Wow, princess Jasmine has grown up to be almost unrecognisable on Cosmopolitan's front cover. If this magazine were real it would fly off the shelves.

The Princess of the sea, Ariel:

Despite this Bambi-eyed front cover, the titles give another spin on Ariel and the underwater city of Atlantis. It seems that there is far more than initially meets the eye.

The Midnight Beauty, Cinderella:

The Dream is a Wish issue by Elle Magazine would be tricky not to buy with its juicy and captivating titles. Also who wouldn't like to treat themselves to a feast recommended by those sweet little mice, Gus and Jaq?

The Fairest of all, Snow White:

It sounds like Princess Snow White is ready to take over the Kingdom for good from the titles on this cover..

The Beauty, Belle:

This cover with Belle is filled with humour, stories and direct moments taken straight out of the film. A light hearted cover for the beautiful Belle. 0

Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty:

Sleeping Beauty fits in perfectly on the cover of Glamour magazine and like the character itself the cover has positive and uplifting titles. However, the battle between Pink Vs Blue looks like it will be never-ending, which one would you pick?


Pink or Blue which colour wins?

dSource: The Mary Sue, Petitetiara


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