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Ever since the Twilight books flooded our bookstores and the series became a blockbuster hit on the big screen, all over the world, it seems that people have mobilized into two groups: Those that love the franchise and those that downright hate it!

That some might not be fans of the epic vampire romance by Stephanie Meyer is no surprise - after all, we are all entitled to our opinion. However, it also appears that these people surprisingly also have something in common with the Twilight cast.

As it turns out, some of the aren't big fans of the franchise either.

Although they haven't explicitly said it, here are 7 times that the cast seemed very negative about their involvement in Twilight.

1. Kellan Lutz found the script and the sparkles questionable

Lutz, who plays Emmett, once admitted that he wasn't too convinced by the story. He said:

"How scary would a glimmering vampire really be? [...] It just doesn't make sense!"

Robert Pattinson also agrees, having stated openly in an interview once:

2. R-Patz also had concerns about the relationship between Bella and Edward

3. Anna Kendrick literally jumped for joy for not having to be in Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Oh, she's so happy to be free from those vampiric clutches!

4. When asked if he would be a Twilight fan if he wasn't in the films, he gave this scathing reply:

Well, it appears nobody hates the franchise as much as Rob.

5. And it seems even Kristen isn't a stranger to poking fun at the series

6. Rob asks a very pressing, and legitimate, question

Yes, why DID the baby have to come out in such a gruesome way!?

Relive the terrible moment here:

7. Ultimately, this video really shows how much he despises the story

Ultimately, it's really quite a shame that some cast members have criticized the franchise so openly. For one, I simply couldn't get enough of the story so it's a little sad others disliked it - but then again, we are all entitled to our own opinion aren't we?



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