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Nothing sounds creepier than taking an innocent photograph, going about your day, and then reviewing the photo later just to spot a malicious-looking shadow hovering somewhere within the frame.

Thankfully, I've never experienced the horror of finding out I have mysteriously evil dark figures floating around my room.

Unfortunately, the following people have...

1. Not So Imaginary Friend

There is obviously a spirit creeping about this child. Remember that imaginary friend he's been talking nonstop about? Perhaps he isn't so imaginary after all.

2. Strange Feeling in My Room

A girl's brother stated that he felt a dark energy in this room. Their mother later revealed that their family is filled with empaths who attract spirits.

3. Hidden Amongst the Trees

You may not notice them, but they can spy and follow you while hiding in the brush.

4. A History of Violence

The Moundsville Prison in West Virginia has experienced suicide, murder, and even housed the Manson Family. You can only imagine the horrors that remain in this forsaken building.

5. Hungry Haunt

Perhaps he means intense harm. Or, perhaps, he felt his stomach growling a little bit and wanted to see what Momma was cooking up.

6. Dangling Demon

Is it just me, or does this demon have incredibly distinct eyeballs? Also, can it do us the biggest favor and stay the hell away from this precious little baby?

7. Shadow Sighting

It seems like spirits enjoy haunting the kitchen, and I don't blame them. I do the same thing.

8. You're Next

This hat-donning spirit has his hand on the middle woman's shoulder... apparently that same woman died in an accident not too long after this picture was taken.

9. Ghost Employee

This person took a photo of their workplace's closet and caught this distinct figure looming around the room. The photographer claims that co-workers have also testified to spotting the entity haunting the room.

10. The Warning Before the Storm

This spirit in South Carolina is known as the "gray man." Legend has it that he warns residents to leave when a storm is about to hit. What a helpful guy!

11. Sanatorium Sighting

A man traveled alone to Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky to go ghost hunting. He snapped this photo while wandering the rooms of the Sanitorium.

12. Spirit of the Hallway

I personally have gone exploring in an abandoned building that was incredibly reminiscent of this hallway. While I did not encounter any spirits, I feel incredibly nervous for the person who was able to snap this photo.

Quick! Burn your Ouija board, say a prayer, sprinkle some Holy Water around your house, and immediately burn some sage. It's time to exercise the demons from your home!

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