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For those of you that haven't had enough of Rapunzel swinging from tree to tree with her long golden locks, then you are in luck people.

Disney recently revealed at the Disney Expo that they will be releasing a Tangled TV show in 2017 in association with Disney Junior.

Check out the trailer for Tangled below, in case you need a little refresher:

Although not much information has been released regarding the new series, we can only hope that Pascal will continue to grace us with his hilariously blasé demeanor.

He has his adorably ferocious moments as well.

As if the Tangled news wasn't exciting enough, here is a list of more films that Disney and Pixar have cooking up for us.

Cars 3

The Cars series has collectively made over $10 billion, so it seems to only be appropriate to create a third film. While not much information is available about this film, it is rumored that Larry the Cable Guy will continue his role as Mater.

The Incredibles 2

It is highly likely that Brad Bird of The Simpsons, Ratatouille, Toy Story, the first Incredibles film, and countless more is set to direct this film. Judging by his track record, I'd say the sequel will be in great hands. I personally really enjoyed the first film and am looking forward to a second!

Frozen 2

There is no surprise that a Frozen 2 is in conception, as it became one of the most popular films in 2013. I heard that Elsa outfits for little kids were being sold out left and right. The only released detail about this secretive film is that it takes place five years after the first.

We need more Maximus and Pascal interactions. Their dynamic is so comically cute. Also, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider have such heartwarming chemistry.

I might have to check out the Tangled TV series, whether it's intended for kids or not.

[Source: Yahoo Movies!]


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