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I read up on alot of the top story's whether the real or fake but I am wanting to get in to the journalist I have always love making story's

As we all know the most beloved actor Paul walker was killed in a car accident 2 years ago. Today we will be releasing a new documentary of Paul's life in dedication . as we all know it's been very hard for the rest of the fast and furious cast some did not want to star in the new fast 7 because some were still not ready to let go. but the number one movie has made over 50.000000 million since the movie aired all over theaters across Canada and the United States of America. insider says dom ( Vin diesel ) wanted to quite because it was not the same with out Walker. walker was not an orderanary actor we spent years making these films and we made it big but walker made it more amazing because everyone from the car where close as family then ever from the very start. his daughter medow will be playing in the documentary as well as we have know the fast 7 has not left the movie theaters because people wanted to see it even the last part of the movie the directors did not write the script. it was Vin diesel him self that wrote the lines him self as it was strait from the heart .


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