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Film: My Week With Marilyn
Film: My Week With Marilyn

First of all, he loves his job and he's happy to be here.

He is incredibly humble. By which I mean, he's incredibly British. Which is good for this film, staying true to the all British cast that the previously Potter films have followed.

He's cute as hell. LOOK AT HIS FACE.

He can be super goofy. *bring on the goofiness*

But he can be can be super serious when required. *STARE OF STEEL*

He is such a sharp dresser. Look. At. That. Vest.

Basically you should just trust he'll be great.

I will admit that this was just an accuse for me to find gifs of Eddie Redmayne. Don't judge me.


Do you think that Eddie will be a good fit for this Harry Potter extension?


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