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Back in the 80's my best friends Dad was the manager of our local movie theater. With that, we had access to a magazine sent to him called "Box Office". In this pre-internet, spoiler alert free society, this publication let me know what was in development months, even years down the road. I can remember the announcements in the calendar at the back of the magazine for the Shatner led Trek adventures on the big screen. They were just words. Working titles sometimes, with potential release dates. Those words provided so much excitement for me knowing that my favorite characters would once again appear on the big screen. No details were given at this point, no "spoilers" if you will, but I could not wait, after seeing the next film in the franchise listed for release.

Fast forward to this lawless wasteland of spy photos, on location videos via iPhones, endless movie webpages, E! News Daily (and the like), illegal downloads before theatrical release, and so on. Yes, I realize the irony of writing a blog while pining for the old days of patience and surprise. Which brings me to present day Star Trek on the big screen. Since 2009, Bad Robot and their partners have been responsible for the latest incarnation of Kirk and Co. While I thought the 2009 film was an excellent blend of old school Trek and modern day movie theater popcorn drama, the wheels fell off the wagon with Into Darkness. After an epic fail media campaign to obscure the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's character in the film, the powers that be scripted nearly a flip flop shot for shot remake ending (including dialogue) for the Wrath of Khan. I have since come to terms with this, and have resigned myself to agree that ST:ID was a good science fiction film, but it was NOT Star Trek.

Now we've warped ahead to June of 2015, just over a year until the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. One might think that production on a feature film would be well underway, the marketing boys would be slamming us with details, set photos and videos would be leaked almost daily, and my anticipation would be at a pon farr burning level. Alas, none of the above are true, other than a "working title" of Star Trek: Beyond, all we have is Justin Lin at the helm as director (which on paper is hopeful), and Simon Pegg beaming in to assist Doug Jung to pen the script. This after Roberto Orci left the project as writer, producer, and short time director. Add to this space time anomaly, the rumor that the "suits" want this Star Trek to be more like Guardians of the Galaxy and less Star Treky. So, in a world where we prepare to celebrate Gene Roddenberry's vision for equality and exploration that is Star Trek, they are preparing something that is apparently "less" Star Trek.

When I want something with less calories, I simply choose that option. I don't embark on a campaign to change the original and eliminate it all together. That's why if you want something "less" Star Treky, you CREATE it, and don't modify the original, that has worked for almost 50 years people. So with the countdown on, I am frightened "beyond" words Captain Sir. It's almost like watching an accident from a distance, wishing you could help, but being totally powerless to stop the tragedy. I'm talking to you City on the Edge of Forever. Actually, I find myself wishing we could somehow get Leonard Nimoy's or Nick Meyer's Katra into the head of Simon Pegg post haste. But for now, I want my pain taken away, I need my pain taken away, Sybok where art thou my brother?


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