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I read up on alot of the top story's whether the real or fake but I am wanting to get in to the journalist I have always love making story's

I am sitting here today well rather early in the am. I am thinking up very many story's that I can share with everyone today.

well today what crosses my mind is a movie title the fast 7 every one has heard and has seen the movie on the other I hand me and my boyfriend and his little brother had went to the movie theaters to see it, I only seen the first beginning of the movie out of th 2 hour film I had fallen asleep in the very loud theater I know you might be wondering how in the world someone could fall asleep in a loud environment right?? well I was rather very tired that day and I could hear everything but I just slept and by the end of the movie my boyfriend had woken me up to watch the end memorial for Paul walker many have cried for the very well known and beloved actor. it was very sad for walker to go but he's at home where he belongs . the crew had morend for the actor by all means I still cry when ever I hear walkers memorial song tribute the song is called see you again and the line that dom ( Vin diesel ) had written him self was beyond heart breaking it was the most real and touching line in a movie that had meaning in to it and there just so many words to say about that line but I am left her speachless . the movie probably wouldn't have been a go but walkers brother cody took over to finish it Paul would of of wanted him to . but I hope you all enjoy my blog and the song of the tribute I'll be tagging hope you enjoy


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