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Arrow season three had its ups and downs with some nice twists and turns that ultimately put Oliver Queen in very tough positions to get out of. Featuring cool villains like Ra's Al Ghul, Malcolm Merlyn and many more.

Season 4 leaves us with tons of questions that need answering and lets delve in to them now!

1. Where are Oliver and Felicity driving too?

At the end of season 3 we saw Oliver and Felicity drive ever-so romantically in to the sunset. Our main question is, where are they going? The most exciting and fun rumor is that they are going to Coast City which is the city of origin for the Green Lantern! Does that mean we could get to see Green Lantern in Season 4? More about that later. Other possibilities on where they are going is a nice holiday and they return to Starling City as soon as season 4 stars and we just get a recap on what they got up to. That is the most underwhelming version of all the possibilities. It's even possible that Oliver and Felicity are moving for good and we may see a different city for season 4. Let us know in the comments where you think they're going!

2. Will we see the return of the Arrow?

This one is pretty cool because Stephen Amell said there would be no Arrow in season 4 and this upset a lot of fans. There is a loophole however.. Stephen Amell said there would be no 'Arrow' however he said nothing about Green Arrow. This could be the perfect introduction to his iconic name that he is known for. For even more evidence, if you go on to IMDb and look at season 4, Stephen Amell's character is 'Oliver Queen/Green Arrow' which is a big indicator.

3. Will we see Green Lantern?

If we do happen to see Felicity and Oliver heading to Coast City, does that mean we'll see the mighty Green Lantern? It could be super cool seeing his powers in the TV universe. It is rumored that MAYBE we could see fans favorite Diggle as Green Lantern. It is nicely set up for the show because Diggle is a great character that deserves a mask to don and what better one when one he doesn't need powers for. All he needs is the ring to grant him all his powers and he is a humble character to portray the character.

4. Which villains will we see?

We've seen a wonderful array of villains in Arrow and we should be expecting just as much for season 4. One villain in particular we can't wait to see is Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke, one of the deadliest opponents Oliver Queen has faces thus far. He is still on that island and he is still posing a deadly threat waiting to be unleashed with all his revenge he's plotting to pull. There are a ton of Green Arrow villains I'm waiting to see and I'm sure you wanna see some of these too: Brick, Constantine Drakon and the ever-so-cool Onomatopoeia.

5. What will happen with the League of Assassins?

Oliver has got himself in quite the predicament killing the leader of the League of Assassins which means he is going to have a lot of angry trained assassins looking to kill him or forcing him to take Ra's' place. Both outcomes do not suit Oliver's intentions. What can he possibly do to get out of it? An unlikely outcome that would suit Oliver is if the League disbanded because of the loss of their leader. Another outcome is Oliver having to take on the whole League of Assassins which could be a huge task but a very entertaining one.

Let me know what you guys think! What questions do you have?


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