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I love X-MEN very much, They're stories are relatable to mine.

X-MEN Days of Future Past is a box office success thanks to the return of Bryan Singer in the director's chair and the massive cast that combine the beloved characters from X-MEN trilogy and First Class. It was also the most critically acclaimed X-MEN film to date but it leaves a question that everyone is asking for, "What happened to Rogue?"

When the news came out in December 2013 that Anna Paquin's Rogue was removed in the film by Bryan Singer stating "Through the editing process, the sequence became extraneous," explains Singer."

Rogue's fans feel sad and disappointed in the announcement. However, Rogue still manage to appear in the film in a "5 second cameo" If you didn't miss a blink. When the future was altered by Wolverine, Rogue was seen in the Xavier's School of Gifted Youngsters together again with Bobby Drake, she still have her white streak and she still wearing gloves. I love her outfit by the way. The sad part is she didn't have any dialogue unlike the other cameos like Jean Grey and Cyclops.

Still her fans (including me) are still connecting the dots on what really happened to her before Wolverine altered the timeline and followed every update in the web. My conclusion will be in the last part of this article.

X-MEN Days of Future Past Rogue Cut
X-MEN Days of Future Past Rogue Cut

In May 5, Bryan Singer breaks his silence about this version thru Periscope where he announced that the Rogue Cut will be release in July 14 2015 celebrating the 15th anniversary of the X-MEN since it was released in 2000 in theaters. It will be available in Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD and become available in Pre-Order in Itunes and Amazon. It will have 17 minutes of additional footage including Rogue's rescue sequence and other deleted scenes with the other characters. In the Periscope video, Singer confirmed that the excised scene between Mystique and Beast will be also put back in the film. The image can be seen below:

(Mystique and Beast Deleted Scene for Rogue Cut)
(Mystique and Beast Deleted Scene for Rogue Cut)

while the Blu-Ray and DVD will have the same new special features


Special Features for the release include:

Disc 1

–Both the Theatrical Cut of the Film and the Rogue Cut of the Film

–Commentaries – Director Bryan Singer and Composer/Film Editor John Ottman (Rogue Cut) / Director Bryan Singer and Producer/Writer Simon Kinberg (Theatrical Version)

–Second Screen App

Disc 2

–Mutant vs. Machine [A 9-part making-of documentary]

–X-Men: Unguarded

–Gallery: Storyboards, Costumes & Concept Art

–Fantastic Four Sneak Peek

–Digital HD

In the end, What we need to expect with the new version of X-MEN Days of the Future Past? Based on previous statement by Singer, It will have "little changes". What would be those little changes? My guess is the alternate scenes that was not yet released in the deleted scenes of the first Blu-Ray. Next is the Rescue Sequence that will take place when Wolverine accidentally slash Kitty Pryde. She loose too much blood and to keep Wolverine into the past they need someone to take over and Rogue is their only choice because she is the only mutant who can absorb the mutant abilities of anyone she touch. The big question is, did she still have her powers? She already lost it in The Last Stand isn't it? Let's just hope they addressed it. Another question is why she is imprisoned in the X-Mansion instead in the mutant concentration camp? Why she is kept there? Mutants are killed in the dystopian future but she is not? In a concept art from illustrated by Mathieu Duchesne answers some part of it. Like Mystique, she is experimented inside Cerebro and maybe she is the real source of power of the future sentinels. I also wondering what will happen to Kitty Pryde after Rogue absorb her powers. Will she survive? I hope everything will be answered when the Rogue Cut finally hit the stores in July 14th.

Any thoughts why Rogue looks drained?


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