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Lets begin with the fact that I bet a lot of the other creators and readers who check this article out may very well have NEVER seen this show that I spent my early days cherishing all 20 short lived episodes.

I'm talking about Salute Your Shorts, the classic Nickelodeon comedy that ran in the summer of 1991 and 1992. It was a pivotal part of the beginning of the Nickelodeon push of classic comedy series including: The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Welcome Freshman, Clarissa Explains It All, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Kenan & Kel which all were favorites of mine growing up.

Salute Your Shorts was by far my favorite though. I watched it nearly religiously, and when the reruns came back I watched those too. It was clever and unique as it was mostly shot on location at various camps across Los Angeles.

This past weekend in Portland, the "Everything is Festival" festival happened and we saw a reunion of most of the original cast.

Erik, Megan, Heidi, Venus, Trevor, Steve & Michael
Erik, Megan, Heidi, Venus, Trevor, Steve & Michael

I grabbed the image above from a vlogger that I follow on instagram, Cassidy Quinn. Follow her on IG @CassidyQB and she got to witness the reunion in person, and I'm quite jealous of that, but regardless I loved seeing it and it got me to think where they all are now.

Kirk Baily - Kevin 'Ug' Lee

Kirk Baily was Kevin, a camp counselor. Often took an authoritarian, bullying direction with his methods he was a counselor that was dedicated to the camp. He was loveable and clueless which made him so much fun to watch.

Lately Kirk has been doing vocal work for several animated films such as Big Hero 6, Frozen, Hotel Transylvania, ParaNorman.

Megan Berwick - Z.Z. Ziff

Megan was an environmentalist with a cause, always fighting for it. She was another counselor who was naive and just different, but that's part of why I liked her.

After Salute your Shorts, Megan had one more acting gig before leaving Hollywood to study at Colorado College, then Stanford where she received her M.A. in International Political Economy. She currently works for a non-profit company called Kiva.

Tim (Trevor) Eyster - Sponge Harris

Tim played the nerdy, brainy kid that was paramount to any 90's sitcom who spent more time trying to learn than adapting to being a kid at camp.

After his time on Salute your Shorts, Trevor disappeared from acting for several years before popping back up in a couple small walk on characters in Legit, Bones & Kingdom along with a few parts in various shorts.

Venus DeMilo - Telly Radford

The tomboy of the team, Telly was incredible at all the sports and never had any trouble when it came to being physically tough.

After her time as Telly, Venus had several small roles on various shows as well as a couple recurring characters in Family Matters, Sister, Sister, Smart Guy and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Erik MacArther - Michael Stein

Michael was a new camper in season 1 of Salute your Shorts. He was popular and athletic often bumping heads with Budick. He left the show after his character got Chicken Pox and went vacationing in Switzerland.

After Salute your Shorts, Michael returned home to Hawaii to be with his family and had a few small tv roles before finding characters in some movies in the late 90's and early 2000's with Pleasantville and We Were Soldiers. He hasn't done much after that.

Heidi Lucas - Dina Alexander

Dina was the popular girl at camp. Often being presented as a spoiled brat who was forced to go to camp.

After Salute your Shorts, Heidi had a couple small roles before deciding to leave the acting world to pursue her education from the Indiana University School of Law.

Michael Ray Bower - Eddie "Donkeylips" C. Gelfen

Donkeylips was my one of my favorite characters, He was the strongest of them all but also was often confused and had no idea what was going on. His best friend was Budnick, and they were the best part of the show.

After Saulte your Shorts, Michael has literally been EVERYWHERE and done everything. If you watched a show and questioned, "wasn't that Donkeylips?" then it most likely was him. He's had dozens upon dozens of small parts in independent films and television shows as well as the occasional voice acting. Michael even runs his own movie blog.

Danny Cooksey - Robert "Bobby" Budnick

Who could ever not love to hate, then hate to love Budnick. He was the bully of camp complete with his read hair in a constant mullet.

Danny now has been probably the actor that stayed in Hollywood with the most regularity. Danny had a few parts in television and film (most notably as John Conner's friend, Tim, in Terminator: Judgement Day). After Terminator, Danny has spent the past years playing numerous animated characters on: Tiny Toon Adventures, The Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Pepper Ann, Static Shock, Xiolin Showdown, Invader ZIM, Kick Buttowski and many more.


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