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Hello there this will be the shortest review in history..... READ IT. Good night you were an amazing audience... Hehe it only but, this will be short.

Well after two long.... long... really long wait June has come and now we have the Wonder Woman Annual. Meredith and David, the dynamic duo behind Wonder Woman, have outdone themselves. Art was on point, story epic and the meaning behind it was deep. We are more than warriors.

Though I love Azz and Chiang's run on WW it seemed to lose the essence of who Wonder Woman and the Amazons were. The annual did something Azz never did in his run, leaves us with the idea of redemption.

The Amazons were wounded by men and held onto their anger for centuries. It taunted them. We see that taunted nature unleashed thought Donna. Fueled but hate, bitterness, animosity and rage Donna is the physical manifestation of all that the Amazons had become. But in the darkness there lies hope.

In WW #40 we have Lyta tell Diana to embrace her fears. She told her to embrace who she was both Amazon and god. Embrace your truth and bring all sides that make you who you are within yourself. It shall not control you if you don't let it.

As Diana fights Donna we watch Diana channel Mufasa.... Remember who you are...

"Amazons are champions of justice because without justice we have no integrity.."

The truth shall make you free and it did. Welding the lasso she binds Donna up and reveals the truth. The Amazon had lost their way and it was time for them to remember themselves. They were more than warriors.

Now it is time for the Amazons to take their rightful place. To wash themselves of their sins and start a new. To be the warriors for those who can't fight for themselves. To be a beckon of all we can be. Redemption is at hand for them. As they heal so will Donna start to reflect the change within them.

Clever girl Mrs Finch... Keep Calm and Slay Injustice Like an Amazon, Without Fear!

Oh the rating.... Early morning happy dance in pjs or if you want to conform 10. But read it for yourself... Its far more amusing than just... reading a review, but you don't have to take my word for it.


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