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Whenever I first started creating for Moviepilot, I never in a million years thought that it would lead to a opportunity of a lifetime like this. I had heard stories of Creators going to movie premiers and things of that nature, but I thought for sure that it was a major long shot that I would ever get that chance.

When I heard about the contest to win a chance to travel to L.A. and walk the red (or blue in this case) carpet, I entered really without giving it too much thought. I mean, there was no way they were going to fly out a kid from North Carolina, to walk and talk with celebrities.

Well a week later, I get a call that I had been chosen to fly out and walk the blue carpet at the Critics Choice Awards. My heart jumped with excitement, and I may or may not have giggled like a school girl.

My Day in L.A.

After a hectic few days, preparing for my trip, it all came together for an even more hectic day in Los Angeles.

I was picked up from LAX and treated to breakfast by Marco from Moviepilot, then taken on a tour of the Moviepilot offices. I even got to have my first burger from In-N-Out, which was delicious, and now I hate that we do not have one here on the East Coast.

But people on the West Coast do not have Sheetz or Cheerwine, so I think I consider myself lucky to have what I do.

After hanging out at the Moviepilot offices and walking around Venice Beach, it was time to get ready for the Blue Carpet. After having an internal debate on whether to actually wear nice classy dress shoes or my Charlotte Hornets colored Jordans, I was persuaded to stand out and actually received praise from the MP Community and others at the award show.

Sorry the picture is so grainy.
Sorry the picture is so grainy.

Walking the Blue Carpet and Award Show

I got a GoPro strapped to my chest, and then Marco and I were sent out to the front of the carpet and started live-streaming for Periscope.

We were a big hit on the carpet with the celebrities. While the camera operators and show coordinators were getting annoyed by us standing in the way. The actors and actresses loved us.

Our view from our seats
Our view from our seats

If you were not watching, you missed a chance to see us talk to: Cameron Monhagen, Jonathan Banks, Thomas Middleditch, Jamie Alexander, Taraji P. Henson, and even Mel B.

All the actors and actresses that we talked to, even when we weren't on Periscope were polite, and willing to give a shout out to Moviepilot.

While the cameramen were constantly trying to get us out of the way, once we got to the end of the carpet and made our way into the award show, things started to calm down and we could enjoy the rest of the night.

The After-Party

After the award show, we were able to actually attend the after-party in the court yard of the Beverly Hills Hilton.

Marco Reverse Photo Bombing Johnny Galecki
Marco Reverse Photo Bombing Johnny Galecki

The food, service, and atmosphere was amazing. While me and Marco may have been the only people there that did not have anything to do with the entertainment industry, it was still fun to watch celebrities interact with each other.

I even got to see Jamie Alexander crash a little toy boat in the court yard fountain.

Lady Sif doesn't need her boating license.
Lady Sif doesn't need her boating license.

Thank you, Moviepilot!

It was a day that I will never forget, and extremely grateful to everyone at Moviepilot that was involved in picking me and bringing me out. I was humbled and honored that you found my writing worthy of being recognized.

All of the people that I met at Moveipilot are some of the coolest people you could ever hope to meet. I cannot thank them all enough for the work they do in making such an enjoyable and entertaining site.

I encourage anyone that has a passion for movies or TV to become a Creator, because not only is it rewarding to yourself to write about things you love, but Moviepilot will always reward its Creators.

By the way: I apologize that the pictures were so terrible. All were taken on my phone, and I am not a great photographer.


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