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(Warning: if you aren't caught up to Episode 8 of Game of Thrones' fifth season, then SPOILERS abound below - though guesswork could still prove SPOILER-ishly accurate. Any mention of plot from the books has been avoided, however.)

So. Game of Thrones.

After a season even more full of rape, murder, White Walkers and Ramsay-freakin'-Bolton than ever before, there's one comfort we can surely take as the season draws to a close: Surely things can't get any worse for our last few remaining (anti-)heroes? After all, since we've already watched the vast majority of the leading characters be mutilated, violated or executed, it's hard to imagine that things could get much worse...right?


Y'see, this is Game of Thrones...

Winter Isn't the Only Terrible Thing That's Coming

After all, there may well be a giant, horrifying horde of the undead on its way towards the world of men, intent on killing everything in its path - but at least their horror is fairly predictable. In the final two episodes of Season 5 - and Season 6 beyond it - though, there's a whole lot of very human awfulness that we might well yet see.

Here, then, are seven particularly horrifying moments we might yet see in the episodes (and series') to come...

First up:

7. Things Could Get Even Worse for Sansa

Now, in many ways, this deserves to be at number 1 - since Sansa has so far had a more horrifically brutal time in the show than pretty much anyone still living - but since this list isn't actually in any particular order (unremitting horror being difficult to quantify) it gets the dubious honor of going first.

The horrifying possibility still awaiting her?


After all, we know that Ramsay has been brutally sexually assaulting her night after night - and that, since he's previously impregnated (and then rejected) one of his lovers, he's fertile - meaning there's a good chance Sansa could soon discover that she's carrying the baby of one of Westeros' most horrifying human beings.

Scratch that...THE most horrifying.
Scratch that...THE most horrifying.

If so, then the show could delve into its most controversial territory yet, with Sansa opting to do something terrible to the baby after it's born...

Or, in the best case scenario - and that's horrifyingly relative at this point - she might turn out to be infertile. And when that's the best case scenario, you know things are pretty fundamentally awful.


6. Ramsay May Not Have Yet Reached Peak Awfulness

After all, last we saw Ramsay, he was asking for a small group of men to head out with him to Stannis' camp, and do something - presumably - terrible to those there.

And don't forget, there are a whole lot of named characters in that camp - and while the odds of Ramsay doing something fatal to the heavily guarded Stannis or Fire God-fueled Melisandre seem slight, there's still Queen Selyse, young Shireen...and even Davos.

And we know that Ramsay isn't above rape, torture and flaying...


5. Gilly and Little Sam Are in a Lot of Danger

This time from the rapists and murderers in Castle Black.

Who, it just so happens, we've already seen attempt to do horrible things to Gilly, after which she ended up sleeping with Sam - and if what happened to Ygritte is anything to go by, the result of sleeping with beloved members of the Night's Watch is usually to end up dying in front of their horrified eyes...

4. Arya Has a Long, Dark Road to Travel Down

Now, we've only seen the very first steps in what appears to be a descent into assassination for Arya - but there're some pretty awful places that could eventually take her.

The most obvious - given the show's love of crossing over characters? Her being forced - or tricked - into killing someone she knows. Alternatively - and perhaps worse still - she could end up killing someone who, through their death, isn't able to save someone she cares about, or reveal that her brothers are alive.

It might not be as bloody or brutal as some of the other awful acts on this list, but that'd be a tragedy right up there with the worst of 'em...

Meanwhile, on the subject of brothers:

3. Rickon's Still Out There Somewhere

Yup, that's right - as far as we know, the youngest Stark kid is still alive and kicking, somewhere in the North.

With his ultimate importance to the story completely unclear, though, there's no guarantee that we'll see him alive when next he crosses the story's path - and if you thought it was devastating when we saw Robb, Ned and Catelyn Stark die, just imagine how much more traumatic it'd be if we see the junior member of their house join them...

On a more positive note, though:

2. The Freys Are Owed Some Payback

And, specifically, they owe the Starks a whole lot of blood.

It's entirely possible, of course, that we won't ever see the Freys receive their just deserts for their betrayal - but if a Stark ever does find a way to get their revenge, you can trust that it'll be even bloodier than the Red Wedding.

An entire hall of dead Freys, anyone?

Most importantly, though:

1. Sansa's Revenge Is Still Awaiting

And when it comes - as it surely must, after all the show (via the Boltons) has done to Sansa - there're likely to be some absolutely horrible things afoot.

It might take a while - or hardly any time at all - but the Starks' capacity for revenge shouldn't be underestimated, especially after Catelyn's throat-slitting adventures at the Red Wedding.

Something (absolutely horrifying) involving Roose Bolton's unborn heir, perhaps...

What do you think, though?


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